I Am a Thought in the Mind of God


Excerpt from I Married a Mystic: Chapter Eight. Carried from Darkness to Light

Kirsten: Good Morning, Holy Spirit. I read in the text, “Decide for truth and everything is yours” and “Decide for idols and you ask for loss.” T-30.III.1 Can you tell me more about this and tie it in with how I am a thought in the Mind of God?

Holy Spirit: The Mind of God is unlimited, whole, and complete. You are a thought in the Mind of God—unlimited, whole, and complete. Your thoughts, including the Thoughts of God, are forever in your mind, as ideas leave not their source. You can obscure the Thought of God from your awareness, but this does not mean that anything has changed. God’s Love is eternal, changeless, and unaffected by your forgetting.

Love is always here right now. But your awareness of Love’s presence is not. In the parable of the Prodigal Son, the father “ran and embraced him.” (Luke 15:20) This is a metaphor for His son turning around and remembering what is forever true. God is. This will not and cannot ever change. God cannot leave. God cannot forget His Son. How could wholeness and completion be apart? There is nowhere else for them to go! Eternity is everything everywhere.

When the holy Son of God forgets the simple fact that he is whole and complete, he tends to look for completion and wholeness where it is not.

Kirsten: When an idol, or substitute for God’s Love, dies—including the end of a relationship that I believe made me whole and complete—I feel like part of me has died. My belief in loss is made real, suffering is made real, and my world is a painful place to be. Love then seems to involve pain and loss.

It keeps coming back to “Seek Not Outside Yourself.” T-29.VII The process of letting go of all special relationships is clearing every scrap of everything that I hold onto, everything that I am afraid of losing. I give all of my relationships to you, Holy Spirit. I desire only love. I don’t want to hold onto anything that involves pain and potential loss. It’s what makes me feel afraid of the future and unable to be immersed fully in the present moment—the only place where the remembrance of God is possible.

Holy Spirit: Amen