Mysticism and Oneness

Oneness ~ God ~ Reality ~ Eternal Life ~ Eternal Love ~
~ Where all boundaries have dissolved and nothing else remains ~

What is a mystic? One who desires nothing from the world because they know where the Source of all happiness, love and contentment is found.
A mystic will tell you there are no short-cuts on the journey of  transformation. Mysticism is a pathway through the darkness to the light – it is one of exposing the ego, of raising the unconscious into conscious awareness so it can be released/forgiven. Healing is total. A mystic will speak of devotion, the strength of mind, and single-pointed desire that are required to overcome the ego entirely. It is not a journey for the faint of heart, as mysticism is allowing the self concept to fall away entirely.
A mystic has found an inner contentment, a peaceful joy that is deeply attractive, fulfilling, and total, and therefore has no goals within the world. The thought of reaching for or ‘leaving’ for a goal in the world is unthinkable. There is nothing else! (Read full blog post here )  


The Journey and the Pathway

Longing – the beginning of the journey

Oneness Meditations

Sufi – Rumi – Hu – Surrender to the Lord. There is no reality but God

  Rumi – Path of Love – say yes now….

‪ Holiness Music Video – an invitation to sink into the experience of our true nature

  Dance Your Dance – you are the beloved

  Divinity Movie – remember Who you are

    Lorenzo – a symbol of one mind in harmony – so happy to follow the Spirit and be in the joy


Dance with Me – Kim Walker Jesus Culture 

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