Oneness and Satsang

 Kirsten_head_shoulders_matteKirsten Buxton is a modern-day mystic, spiritual teacher, and author who became devoted to awakening after an experience of Oneness that completely changed her life and how she saw the world.

Since 2002, her life has been one of meditation, prayer, following guidance from within, and applying non-dual teachings to all aspects of mind and life. Through a deep devotion to inner inquiry, and ‘walking through the darkness to the light’ (allowing the unconscious / egoic beliefs and emotions to arise into conscious awareness for release), her identity shifted from a separate self to direct connection with the Divine within.

Since 2006, Kirsten has traveled throughout the world upon invitation, holding satsangs and longer retreats. The clarity and simplicity shared through her teachings are an invitation to true freedom; transcendence of limited thinking and deeper awareness of life’s purpose. Being in her presence is a reminder of the stillness and peace that is with us always. 

Kirsten’s life is an ebb and flow of inspiring collaborations, teaching phases, and inward mystical phases. Her unshakable trust and consistent awareness of Truth is the gift she offers to everyone she meets.

Kirsten’s Satsangs

Kirsten’s Satsangs are an invitation to directly experience the Divine / the Peace of God, as well as explore how to practically apply the non-dualistic principles found in teachings such as A Course in Miracles in daily life.

Kirsten’s gentle presence allows for an exploration of the most relevant topics on the heart as an inroads to self inquiry and deepening relationship with our true nature.

Her gatherings are interactive, and are primarily in the form of spiritual discourse (satsang), with a clear metaphysical framework to clarify the difference between Truth and illusions. Longer gatherings involve more of an experiential component including heart-opening music.

See the Coming Events page for gatherings and retreats.

I Married a Mystic Book by Kirsten Buxton

imam-finalKirsten has recently published her much awaited book, I Married a Mystic. The book is a how-to guide for awakening—an intimate account of her journey of transformation and radical self-inquiry between the years 2004–2007. Kirsten candidly exposes her fears, projections, and private thoughts whilst on an epic adventure with tirelessly joyful mystic David Hoffmeister.

Excerpt, Chapter One:


I fell to my knees and cried out for help. I’d been knocked unconscious twice within eighteen months, and both “accidents” had happened just as I’d had the thought, “I don’t want to be here.” I knew that if I didn’t give my life over completely, I was going to kill myself. Literally.

What happened next changed my life completely. I had a direct experience of Divine Love that is almost impossible to convey…

For more info, and to order I Married a Mystic see My Book page.

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