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Music is an invitation to merge into an experience Kirsten night guitarof oneness.

Some music is an invitation to sink deeply into the Presence of God, other uplifting music is like wind beneath wings when it’s time to fly.

When we allow the perfect note (Who we are) to be heard, we discover that our life is one of the notes in the most beautiful Song!

Realizing that our will is one with Gods and embracing the fact that the Holy Spirit is Guiding us to do what is actually our heart’s desire is absolutely essential if we want awakening to be a happy adventure! The ego insists that this is a path of sacrifice; that the Holy Spirit is some external authority that is going to make us walk through fire. And this is simply not true! We are being Guided into our joy, to do what makes our heart sing!

The gifts that are received by saying Yes to the Holy Spirits Plan for us are spiritual, they are tangible, you can feel the power and the Presence and the beauty that inspires them. And when these gifts are experienced, you cant help but want to give them away, to share them!


Quantum Love new final CD cover

Quantum Love by Kirsten Buxton and Ricki Comeaux

This album is about love for God. Receiving and singing these songs is a way to connect with our Source; a way to let God speak directly to us and move through us. Every song is a deep prayer of the heart. The title track is our anthem; “Love radiates, undefined. It’s all-inclusive, one Love, one Heart, one Mind”. Ricki’s songs express a deep passion for awakening, and Kirsten’s songs are an invitation to rest in God. It is our desire to share this gift with you!

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Holiness by Kirsten Buxton, Erik Archbold, Laura Schopen

Satsang is to gather in the Presence of the Highest Truth. This Holiness “satsing” is a music gathering in Presence; an invitation to allow all that is not of Love to be raised to the light, and to join as One in the Truth of Who we are.

Holiness was recorded live at the Strawberry Fields Forever Music Festival & Enlightenment Retreat in June of 2013.

In this prayerful gathering, Kirsten, Erik and Laura share their mystical experiences through song, instrumental expression, and story. “Holiness” invites us into the experience of “I am Holiness,” and the songs that follow are extensions of this idea. A gift of enlightenment music for the Spirit!

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Meditation CDs

Trust Guided Meditation by Kirsten Buxton and David Hoffmeister 

Come on a journey into an inner sanctuary where the peace of God is found. Inspired by passages from A Course in Miracles and an experience beyond the words, this guided meditation will take you inward to a place of stillness and peace. When the mind is quiet, the Voice for God can be heard.

Script based upon the teachings of A Course In Miracles, written by Lisa Fair and Kirsten Buxton. Narrated by David Hoffmeister and Kirsten Buxton. Music and art by Nathan Lorenzana. 

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Wake Up Meditations by Kirsten Buxton, Greg Donner and Jason (JP) Press

Seven guided meditation tracks. Gently awaken each morning with a loving voice that opens your heart and brings peace to your mind.
Each meditation begins with a similar message, then flows into different themes such as releasing fear, finding inspiration, and staying connected with Spirit throughout the day. Set these tracks up on your smartphone to play as your “alarm clock” each morning.

Art by Peter Kirk.

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Meditations written by Kirsten Buxton. Narrated by Kirsten Buxton and Greg Donner. Piano music by Jason Press. 

Wind Down Meditation by Kirsten Buxton

A guided meditation. Wind down from the day and experience emptying your mind and resting in peace before going to sleep.

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Art by Peter Kirk and Aleksa




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