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Here are a few of my latest movie reviews. 
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Sully – 2016 
Themes: Miracle, Vigilance, Discernment, Trust, Attentiveness, Following, Faith, Doubt, Defenselessness, Injustice

“An unforgiving thought does many things. In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting and overturning what it sees as interfering with its chosen path. Distortion is its purpose, and the means by which it would accomplish it as well…  
Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to appearances it likes. It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is. Do nothing, then, and let forgiveness show you what to do, through Him Who is your Guide, your Savior and Protector, strong in hope, and certain of your ultimate success.” (W-pII.1.3-5)

A true story in which a flock of birds took out both engines of a passenger airplane Chesley Sullenberger (Sully) was flying over New York. In the midst of a catastrophic situation, Sully’s only option was to align with the calm, certain Presence of the Spirit within his mind. Going against the advice of Ground Control, Sully followed what he knew to be the only course of action to land the plane. 

Despite everything aligning in a miraculous way and no lives being lost, the aviation agency began investigating Sully’s decision, and the world turned completely to reflect self doubt.

The ego is a death wish. It is the voice of doubt that will insist on wrong-doing and guilt no matter what the circumstances. It always tries to ‘shoot the messenger’ in an attempt to distract attention away from the miracle. Our function is to put all of our faith and trust in the miracle, in our innocence, and in our brother. Where two or more are gathered in a holy alliance, the ego simply doesn’t stand a chance!


Full of Grace – 2016

Sing Street – 2016 
sing street

Themes: Depression, Doubt, Worthiness, Sarcasm, Collaboration, Dare to Take a Step, Faith, Finding Purpose, Inspiration

Director & Writer: John Carney
Stars: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Aidan Gillen, Maria Doyle Kennedy

A deeply inspiring and beautiful movie about taking the risk and going all the way. “Beyond this world there is a world I want.” “You cannot stop with the idea the world is worthless, for unless you see that there is something else to hope for, you will only be depressed. Our emphasis is not on giving up the world, but on exchanging it for what is far more satisfying, filled with joy and capable of offering you peace.”(Lesson 129. ACIM)
By focusing our mind on the Kingdom and desiring nothing else, the Holy Spirit will provide the means (holy relationships, opportunities for collaboration, mentors and abilities). When your heart and soul desire true freedom above all else, this desire is met with full support. Of course the ego will react, judge and attempt to attack and deny the light, but the ego is powerless in the face of true defencelessness and inspiration. 

Surrounded by unhappy adults and peers, 14yr old Conor is deeply inspired when he meets mysterious and beautiful Raphina, who lives across the road from his school. Before he knows it he has invited her to collaborate and star in a music video with his band. His next step is to form a band!

Despite the bullies, rough school, and depressive era of the 1980’s in Ireland, Conor discovers his dreams as he takes one risk after the next to follow his heart and shine his light. Through his steadfast dedication he is led, step by step, as he explores who he is and what he is capable of. Conor’s dedication is an inspiration to everyone with the eyes to see. Nothing is impossible when you’re willing to risk everything for the moment.


Risen 2016 risen

Themes: Faith, Awakening, Guilt, Wake-Up Call, Purpose, Death, Mighty Companions, Defenselessness, Miracles, Real Sight
Director: Kevin Reynolds
Writers: Kevin Reynolds, Paul Aiello
Stars: Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firt

Clavius, a Roman Tribune present at Jesus’ death, is tasked with finding Jesus’ missing body after the resurrection. Although the authority figures of the church and the Roman guard have given him this task to hide the Truth, the search turns out to be Clavius’ pathway to God.

Knowing nothing of Jesus, or the Spirit, Clavius is searching for a body, and those he interviews tell him clearly that he is looking in the wrong place. Intending to arrest the Apostles, Clavius first encounters them sitting with Jesus in the flesh, who welcomes him immediately as a brother. Unable to reconcile what he is seeing and feeling in his heart, he is irrevocably drawn to follow the Apostles, and it turns out that his part is essential in the Plan.

The Truth cannot be obscured, for it shines for all to see. No matter how hard the ego tries to blot out awareness of the Christ, the ego and all its defenses simply has no power over the light. The Christ is eternal life, and knowing this to be true means that the death of the body is truly meaningless. So inspiring!


Insurgent 2015 – Sequel to Divergent 2014 Insurgent

Themes: Metaphysical, Discover True Identity, Awareness of Dreaming, Awakening, Mind Training, Vigilance, Private Thoughts, Guilt, Anger, Death, Purpose

Director: Robert Schwentke
Writers: Brian Duffield & Akiva Goldsman (screenplay)
Stars: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James

The ego is a death wish, being the denial of eternal life. No matter how clever and ingenious it seems to be, it simply cannot replicate love and peace.

The path of awakening involves letting go of limiting self concepts, accepting the mighty companions who desire to join in shared purpose, and intensive mind-training. Once the mind is clear and focused, deeper realms of healing can be approached, including facing the unconscious guilt in the mind, the death-wish, and the fear of love.

Anger, hatred and private thoughts are a cover over guilt. Having taken many steps to loosen from past associations, and having undergone intensive mind-training, Tris is now in touch with the unconscious guilt that is arising in her awareness for healing.  At the core of the guilt is the belief that she is responsible. It is no secret that Tris is hurting over the recent deaths of her parents and friends, but she can’t bring herself to expose and share her darkest thoughts from Four, her holy relationship partner. She believes that it is better to protect him, rather than tell him the ‘truth’ about herself. She believes her very existence is a threat to those that she loves.

The death-wish in the mind is arising to be faced and transcended, and it plays out in an extreme way for Tris to see – compounding her sense of responsibility for saving everyone.

Underneath independence is unworthiness. When there is guilt in the mind, the driving force behind ‘choices’ is ‘I have to do it alone’. The belief in sacrifice is what pushes the mind to continually compromise and try to handle things, as a defense. And yet, as Tris is shown, she cannot be alone. Her mighty companions are those who have been Given her to turn to, and they continue to show up every step of the way because her Calling is their Calling.

The path of awakening has been planned by One who knows our highest good – and it is impossible to mess it up. Even at the lowest point, on the brink of suicide, the perfect symbol of love is right there to take the gun from Tris’ hand in calm certainty, because death of the body is not the Spirits Plan. Transcendence is.

The whole world has been given this holy purpose. Even when it seems to be ‘the ego’s world’ and the ego seems to be in control of the plan – it isn’t. This is a misperception. The Spirits Plan is awakening to Truth, and even in the midst of the darkest moment of the storyline, the ego is not in control. The ego is deception. It does not know it’s own identity, or Yours, and its attempts to condemn the Son of God and misuse the power of the mind for it’s own purposes can never work out.

Tris realizes that there is one Plan that is playing out – the ego may have ‘written the script’ but by her playing her part without resistance, applying her highly developed skills and single-pointed focus to face the ego, she comes to the ultimate moment. It is a total surrender – the decision to no longer fight, resist or defend. It is the remembrance that this is a dream, and Who I Am cannot die. Who I Am is the Gift! When death is no longer a threat, the Son of God is truly free.

* ACIM Section – Fear to Look Within


Full of Grace (2015)

Themes: Devotion, Faith, Purpose, Awakening, Real Sight, Guidance, Mighty Companions, Prayer

Director: Andrew Hyatt 
Writer: Andrew Hyatt
Stars: Noam Jenkins, Bahia Haifi, Kelsey Asbille

Themes: Faith, Devotion, Anger, Injustice, Finding Purpose, Judgment, Willingness, Forgiveness
Director: Alejandro Monteverde
Writers: Alejandro Monteverde, Pepe Portillo
Stars: Jakob Salvati, Emily Watson, David Henrie
The single desire of the Son to reunite with the Father is a Love that knows no limits. Singular purpose and faith surely can move mountains. Our destiny is to be with the One we Love.
Little Boy is born tiny. He and his father adore each other, they are “partners” in life and play, who completely understand each other. They are heartbroken when World War 2 calls the father away to fight the Japanese.
Hashimoto, a Japanese man who has lived most of his life in the town is the target for resentment and hatred from those who have lost family members or fear for their safety. After Little Boy and his older brother are involved with a minor attack upon Hashimoto, the local priest gives Little Boy a powerful, healing assignment that will change his mind and life in ways that even the priest could not foresee.
Only through forgiveness and single-pointed desire can faith grow in strength, and overcome all obstacles. Little Boy’s determination is absolute – there is nothing he will not do to reunite with his Father. As he takes on his assignments he is taken through a heart-opening, mind-training program, planned by One who obviously knows his best interests within a greater Plan.

The Giver (2014) Giver

Themes: Awakening, Repression, Wake-Up Call, Mind Training, Awakening, Metaphysical, False Perception
Director: Phillip Noyce
Writers: Michael Mitnick & Robert B. Weide
Stars: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep

“Do I desire a world I rule instead of one that rules me? Do I desire a world where I am powerful instead of helpless? Do I desire a world in which I have no enemies and cannot sin? And do I want to see what I denied because it is the truth?” (ACIM) The final question can only be answered with an unequivocal yes, because awareness of truth is total. It is the end of illusions.

In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, Jonas is to be the next ‘Giver’. This means that he will be given access to memories and emotions that the rest of the population do not have, so that he will be able to develop the ability to offer guidance and support from a higher perspective.

Jonas begins his mind-training process with his mentor, and soon realizes that the world that he has grown up in is highly controlled and based on repression of memory and emotion. Without emotion and the practice of inner listening, the barometer for right and wrong / ego and Spirit is not accessible, and there is no way to develop inner discernment and spiritual awareness. As he opens his mind with the willingness to remember (to face the unconscious), many thoughts, emotions and beliefs arise. Jonas experiences joy and pain, love and fear, memories of birth, death, profound loss and profound gratitude.

Jonas is deeply affected by his emotional experiences, and soon realizes that although his world has eliminated fear, and chaos, and the awareness of death, it has also eliminated love and freedom. As his awareness deepens he sees things from a different perspective, and there is no doubt in his mind that a world without love cannot be the real world. He deeply desires to ‘set the captives free’, and his loyalty shifts immediately from the family concept and obedience to the rules of this world, to awakening.

Jonas must go out beyond the boundaries of the sleeping mind to reach the full awareness of the real world. And as we know, it only takes One!


Lucy (2014) Lucy

Themes: Quantum Physics, Transcendence, Awakening, Power of the Mind, Expansion of Consciousness, Focus, Holy Relationship, Communication, Observer, Death, Time, Reality, Time-Space Dream, Mighty Companions, Mystical Experience

Director & Writer: Luc Besson
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi

Who you are is from before time was. Time is a concept, made to measure and therefore ‘give reality’ to man’s existence within an illusion. Matter is held together by thought, and the belief in (and the need for) a bodily identity.
Mind cannot die. Mind is eternal and is beyond the realm of time and space. When awareness of self has expanded beyond a limited bodily identity, time and space are literally in the hands of the miracle-worker.

When Lucy finds herself caught up in a drug trafficking nightmare, it appears to be the worst situation imaginable to man. A packet of drugs are surgically implanted in her stomach and when they begin to leak, she experiences a transformation of consciousness that takes her all the way to total transcendence from human consciousness to pure awareness.

When the mind is totally focussed in the present, and aware of Self, mind-wandering ceases. When you know Who you are, nothing of this world is wanted or desired, and therefore there is nothing to fear. Nothing can be lost when Who you are is Everything. This is complete fearlessness.

All that is blocking the awareness of Self and total freedom, are obstacles; beliefs and thoughts. At a certain point in the spiritual journey, all obstacles fall away – they can no longer be believed as real when there is awareness of Self, because ‘nothing real can be threatened’; Who you are cannot die.

In the Yes to the Spirit’s purpose for life, everything is simple and absolutely focussed. Convincing and explaining are unnecessary to those joined in purpose, because the direction is clear and obvious. It is felt. It is not personal, it just is.

Lucy calls on St. Pierre Del Rio to join her in a very precise mission. Within seconds he recognizes the authority and clarity coming through her, and he follows her directions without question. It is only when he tries to use his past learning that they  experience disharmony, but again, within seconds, Del Rio sees that Lucy is obeying a much higher law that those of this world. Her mind has dominion over the world of time and space, and he can’t help but join her.
Del Rio has an essential part to play in the plan. Lucy doesn’t need him, in a personal sense because the power and the strength coming through her is not of this world, however, his companionship and his support are absolutely essential for her to complete her earthly mission. Extension is the Spirit’s purpose within this world, and so Lucy’s mission is to share her knowledge in a way that supports her brothers to expand their awareness of mind.

The ego knows only ownership, monetary wealth, and personal power. It will stop at nothing to gain and maintain control. This movie shows clearly that illusions battle only with themselves. The Spirit knows not of the ego’s goals or purposes, and therefore does not engage in this realm of thinking. The two thoughts systems do not meet at all.

The point of power is a still point in the mind, where awareness is unified. Time is simultaneous, and when this is truly seen, identification is no longer as a person in time, but as the mind that sees it all from a higher perspective.

The Spirit has awareness of the bigger picture.  Spirit can give directions, and knows exactly what is coming because awareness is so expanded. Nothing is unknown because all thought is accessible. Everything is vibration / energy. Phone lines can be accessed, memory can be accessed, ‘others thoughts’ can be accessed – all can be used for Spirits purpose because nothing is blocked from awareness. All is mind.

When Lucy taps into this awareness there is nothing that cannot serve her singular purpose. Matter is made of thought. Characters are also thoughts in the mind. When the direction of thinking is totally under conscious control, then not only can one’s own body be morphed and moved by thought, but so can ‘other’ bodies and things. It seems as if these are all under Lucy’s personal control but because there isn’t personal desire behind her actions, she is simply moving in the direction Given her so that everything serves this plan and nothing can stop it.

At one point Lucy experiences her body disappearing from her awareness (mystical experience). As she hasn’t reached 100% yet (completely transcended into knowing that she is purely mind), she uses the drug to maintain her bodily identity and continues to use it for a while longer.
When she is ready to let it all go completely, she gives herself over to the experience, with no desire to hold on to anything of this world.

As Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) teaches in his lectures on the human mind, the purpose of cells is either immortality or reproduction. To reproduce is to share/pass on – and in this world, the purpose of life becomes about reproduction of a species, which maintains linear existence and identity.
To the Spirit, sharing and passing on is the extension of awareness of truth / Self. The decision to go for awakening 100%, now, is the decision to know ThySelf as the immortal being that You are.


Transcendence (2014) Transcendance

Themes: Transcendence, Power of the Mind, Fear of God / Fear of Spirit, Fear of the Unknown, Trust, Faith, Collaboration, Illusions Battle Only With Themselves, Forgiveness, Eternal Life, Telepathy, Communication, Expansion, Spiritual Journey, Use of Funds / Stewardship, Purpose, Holy Relationship Assignment, Fearlessness, Spiritual Identity
Director: Wally Pfister
Writer: Jack Paglen
Stars: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman

The desire of Evelyn’s heart is to heal and change the world. Her husband Will desires to understand the nature of the mind and is a leading scientist in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). When Will is poisoned by anti-technology extremists they stay joined in mind and purpose, transcending the need for Will to be ‘in a body’. As Will’s consciousness expands far beyond the limited perception and abilities that he had as a human being, most of their friends and colleagues quickly become afraid of his growing power, and they immediately project their own fears and doubts onto his motives.

While Evelyn has total trust and faith in Will and their shared purpose, all of the resources come pouring in to support the rapid expansion of consciousness and technological advancements.

When her trust wavers, everything is affected. Joy, honesty, defenselessness, and faith all rest upon trust, and so when trust goes, so does everything else, including the awareness of shared purpose.

When you believe yourself to be a body, you identify with the temporal and therefore you are afraid of death. To realize that you are mind, wholly mind and purely mind, is to know there is no death – and therefore to experience true fearlessness. To the Spirit (to mind) there is no external enemy. When Will is asked what will be done about the upcoming attack by those who want to shut him down, he replies, “We will transcend them”.

The Spirit is unified mind, and telepathic communication is completely natural. The ego is terrified of the loss of autonomy, and will defend against it at all cost. Murder and violence are justified in the name of preserving human rights (private minds).
Illusions battle only with themselves, and when the illusion of war is over, it is clearly seen that it was nothing but a projection of fear. Illusions battle only with themselves.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” is the perfect response to the mind afraid of the unknown. No-one can see beyond their own level of understanding, and it takes great faith to allow a power far greater than the human perspective to Guide the mind back to the Garden; back to the awareness of unified Mind.


Maleficent (2014)Maleficent

Themes: Forgiveness, Innocence, Love, Face of Innocence, Self Hatred, Vision of Christ, Perception, Miscreation, Deception, Identity, Betrayal
Director: Robert Stromberg
Writers: Linda Woolverton, Charles Perrault
Stars: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley

True love is the result of forgiveness. Who you are is Perfect Innocence, now and forever. Nothing you can do could ever change eternal love.
Maleficent’s childhood life as a fairy is wonderful. She can fly, (she has amazing wings!), she has healing powers, she is strong and swift, and she lives by and enforces rules of fairness and justice within her kingdom. However, when fully grown, Maleficent becomes a powerful ‘protector’ of the marsh, quick to use her abilities (including her wings) to attack on behalf of her kingdom.

As her power grows, the ego seems to turn from suspicious to vicious, and it launches it’s attack on her, in the form of an army of men. In an ‘act of betrayal’, Maleficent’s wings are cut off, and she is filled with anger, hatred, and the desire for vengeance. The projection of self hatred is onto all humans.
Humans are not the ego, and neither is Maleficent. These characters are a target for projection.
In one of Maleficent lowest moments, her ‘betrayer’ witnesses to the core of her doubt thoughts, “What is it like to be where you do not belong; a fairy without her wings”. It is as if the fall from Grace has happened within this world, caused by a force within this world, but in truth, the fall from Grace ‘resulted’ in the projection of the entire world, and it is only through the Acceptance of God’s Love that the split in mind can be healed, and all can be forgiven.

In her rage, Maleficent puts an irreversible curse on her betrayer’s new baby daughter, but no matter how hard she tries to hate baby Aurora, Maleficent is drawn to this symbol of purity and innocence (a reflection of her true nature). She finds herself watching over Aurora from a slight distance over the years.
When the moment comes for the two to meet, Aurora acknowledges her as her fairy God mother, and exclaims with happiness, “I know Who you are! Your shadow has been with me my whole life!”. The vision of Christ sees only love, and in It’s holy Presence, shame and guilt and the mis-perception of an unlovable self melts away.

There is a deep fear of miscreation, and that the misuse of the power of the mind will have irreversible effects, but the fact is, you cannot harm the Christ, and Truth cannot be changed by illusions. Illusions battle only with themselves, and as soon as the decision is made for innocence, the undoing of the effects of misdirected mind energy is immediate.
Beneath the innocent self-concept was a ‘terrible displacement’. The darkness beneath the ‘face of innocence’ had to arise, and the extent of the self hatred in the mind had to be raised up to the Light and released. Even though Maleficent seemed to have the perfect place to grow up, it was only peaceful while the ‘enemy’ was not in awareness.

It is time for the walls to crumble and fall, because there is no longer any need for protection or defense. There is a deep call in the mind for awakening and unification. True Love is already here!


Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Edge of tomorrow

Themes: Present moment, Vigilance, Forgiveness, Time, Relationship Assignment, Faith, Commitment, Purpose, Mind Training, Protectionism, Collaboration, Death, Fearlessness
Director: Doug Liman
Writers: Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth (screenplay)
Stars: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton

Cage’s initial resistance to stepping into his new function is high because he has no idea of his potential, or that he is the savior of the world. Coming from an ‘advertising’ background, and never having encountered combat training, the only function he has had in the army is based on selling idea’s through manipulation. And now it is all about action and follow through. Listen and follow through or die – literally.
It is time for a total dismantling of the self concept, including all thoughts of limitation, weakness and hierarchy.
After ‘dying’ for the first time on the battleground, Cage quickly realizes that the day is repeating. At first he tries to save the lives of those around him, but as his awareness of the bigger picture increases, he realizes that his purpose is much greater than just considering those who are in his immediate vicinity.
It takes extreme vigilance and mind-training to be present and fearless. When the perception of death changes to seeing that it is simply a ‘re-set’ in time, and that the same opportunity will be presented again, fear disappears from the mind, and the prevention of death no longer becomes life’s purpose. Instead, it is about present-moment training, collaboration, becoming aware of the big picture, and taking every step in absolute certainty. The purpose of time is to undo time, and nothing is wasted when the end result is certainty of purpose.
Cage and Rita have a clearly given assignment. From the moment Cage sees her, he is impelled to connect with her, and to support her to advance in the mission. When their purpose is held out in front, they continue to ‘make advances’ in time, symbolic of awakening to truth. When protectionism arises and Cage tries to hide what he is aware of, she senses it immediately and brings the focus back to their shared purpose.
Even though protectionism arises at times, and Cage often wants to save Rita, it doesn’t have any affect on the script playing out. They have a shared mission together, and they are to stay together right to the end.
The intensive vigilance training on the battlefield was all to prepare the mind to be able to be present and surrender. Then the mind is ready for the next step in the mission, a total redirect to accepting what is given in every circumstance. There is no more training-just total surrender to what is now.


Divergent (2014) Divergent

Themes: Purpose Is The Only Choice, Identity, Holy Relationship, True Empathy, Attempt To Bring Order Into Chaos, Forgiveness, Mind-Training, Awareness Of Dreaming
Director: Neil Burger
Writers: Evan Daugherty (screenplay), Vanessa Taylor (screenplay)
Stars: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Kate Winslet

To know Thy Self is to realize that there is no choice in this world. Purpose is the only choice. Who You are is discovered through following the Calling within your heart, and choosing to follow this above all else. Deciding who to live with or the type of life to live are not personal choices when life is Given over to the Spirit to direct. The only way to know Thy Self is to listen to the Spirit and to follow this Calling with absolute conviction. The Spirit will send in all of the support needed, including mighty companions, holy relationships, backdrops for mind-training and service, and opportunities to choose the miracle and forgive. Nothing can hold us back when we are going for Truth without reservation. The Spirit is a decision, as is the ego. When identification is with a separate self, fear takes over and the mind reacts blindly in self-defense. When identification is with the Spirit and there is awareness of dreaming, fear becomes a positive affirmation for the truth. The mind is then asking for Answers to come from a higher perspective, and for awareness of possibilities beyond the laws of the ego’s world.

The ego’s attempt to bring order into chaos is a way of maintaining control over it’s world. To the ego, maintaining separation and division is safety. It will attack and defend at any cost, including genocide, in the name of ‘keeping the peace’. Peace has nothing at all to do with the world of illusions. It is awareness of True Identity.

In this movie, the population is divided into community factions; specific groups based on personality traits, virtues and skills. Tris is one of a small group of individuals called Divergents. They don’t fit into any one category and are a threat to the ego’s system because they  ‘cannot be controlled’.
The prayer of Four’s heart is tattooed on his back. It is to embody the characteristics of all of the factions. Tris literally drops into his awareness, as a living demonstration of his heart’s desire. They are immediately joined in a relationship assignment with a higher purpose. This relationship involves intimacy of mind, mind-training, and seeing the Christ / remembering the Truth about each other when the other forgets. Their Call for Truth is strong, and so their journey is at a fast pace. True empathy is absolutely essential and there is no time for false empathy or getting lost in interpersonal drama, including the loss of loved ones. Fears arise to be seen through, emotions arise to be released. The Spirit’s Guidance is very specific, and can be a matter of life and death – and so following with absolute attentiveness, moment by moment, is essential.

Mighty companions, including family members, all have a part to play in the script, and are all included in the purpose of forgiveness. We have no control over the outcome of the script in form, but the outcome of the Goal beyond the script is assured.


Son of God (2014) Son of God movie.

Themes: Forgiveness, Awakening to the Kingdom of Heaven within, Christ, See no error, Non-judgment, Non-compromise, Purpose, Identity, Death (transcendence of), Script is written, Miracle-working
Director: Christopher Spencer
Writers: Richard Bedser, Christopher Spencer
Stars: Diogo Morgado, Amber Rose Revah, Sebastian Knapp

The story of Jesus’ life is the ultimate Awakening movie, True Love movie, Purpose movie, Forgiveness movie, and Script is written movie! This beautiful movie, made by LightWorkers, shows the Jesus that we know so well in our hearts. He is our brother. His eyes sparkle with love and joy. His Presence fills our heart with love and gratitude. Thank you Beloved brother, and all who have given their lives over to our holy, shared purpose of awakening to the indwelling Christ; the Living Presence of God that is here always. Thank you, thank you, Thank Youuuuuu!!!

Our Kingdom is not of this world. Our Kingdom is a spiritual realm and you have to born anew, born of the Spirit, to know Spirit as a living experience. Identification is either with the body or the Spirit. The Son of God is free now and always. Nothing of this world can affect the Christ, including the death of the body, because Christ is eternal Life.

Jesus taught through giving sermons and through his living demonstration. When asked to participate in condemning a women caught in an illegal act (adultery), his response was a teaching of non-judgment. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” which, of course, had all of the accusers drop their stones.

He was uncompromising in following the Spirits plan, and teaching forgiveness and true empathy. He spoke with those who had the ears to hear, and he stepped away from those who didn’t. Every encounter was an invitation for the one who was with him to join him in the decision for God; for salvation now. And when it was a full yes, the illusional limitations of the world fell away immediately – whether it was blindness, lameness or even death of the body. Healing is a decision for God because sickness is a projection of guilt. Forgiveness yields immediate results when faith is total.

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. The Spirit poured through Jesus, offering everyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, the invitation to accept Christ into their hearts, to accept their own innocence. He had dominion over the world because he knew his true Identity and the power of God that was available to him. Miracles happened around him, witnessing to the fact that time and space are an illusion.

The script is written. Jesus demonstrated absolute devotion to following, even when he knew that the end of his ministry and earthly life was coming. He ‘knew’ how the script would play out, and that everyone would play their part perfectly. He didn’t attempt to change the script and he acknowledged the parts that Peter and Judas would play with them directly beforehand. The Christ saw only innocence and offered nothing but forgiveness and a message of love. He constantly told his brothers not to be afraid, when fear blocked their awareness of Christ. And fear is the only thing that can block awareness of Christ – as it was ‘then’ so it is now. We have nothing to fear because there is no death.

The symbol of Jesus is ever available in Spirit, continuing to share the same message to his beloved, encouraging all to have faith and to shine the light of truth.

My Kingdom is not of this world.


Still Alice (2014) Still Alice

Themes: Self Concept, Forgiveness, Undoing, Fear of Love, Letting go
Directors: Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland
Writers: Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland
Stars: Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart

“The concept of the self has always been the great preoccupation of the world…
You will make many concepts of the self as learning goes along. Each one will show the changes in your own relationships, as your perception of yourself is changed. There will be some confusion every time there is a shift, but be you thankful that the learning of the world is loosening its grasp upon your mind. And be you sure and happy in the confidence that it will go at last, and leave your mind at peace.” (T-31.V)

Who you are is pure Love, and is far greater than the sum of the memories, skills and achievements that you believe yourself to be in this lifetime. Relating through roles which are motivated by concern is not love, and it is only as these false ideas are released from the mind that an experience of real relationship can be allowed in.

The greatest fear in the undoing process is that of being vulnerable and unable to function in the world. The part of the mind that is afraid holds on to ‘who’ it thinks it is because it doesn’t know any other way.

Alice has early onset of Alzheimer’s, and there is nothing she can do to stop her intellectual capabilities and self concept being washed away. One by one her roles slip from her grasp, and she is no longer able to be a linguistic professor, mother, or wife. Although devastating to the ego, the process is one of forgiveness and surrender; it is a return to Love.


The Lego Movie (2014) The Lego Movie

Themes: Collaboration, Dreamer of the Dream, Forgiveness between Father and Son, Independence vs Joining in Purpose, Mystical Experience, Mighty Companions, Acceptance of Identity, Metaphysics, Worthiness, Recognition of being ‘the One’ as are all brothers – Perfect Equality in Christ, Call for Love,  Positive Thinking, Repression and Denial, Face of Innocence and Repressed Emotions, Split mind, Undoing of Spiritual Concepts, Fear of Change, Fear of the Unknown, Control, Taking the Leap
Directors: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Writers: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman
Stars: Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie

Emmet has to realize Who he truly is. He is ‘the Special’. Until his spiritual awakening he is totally plugged into the matrix, blind to the fact that he doesn’t have any meaningful relationships, and although he catches glimpses of awareness that something isn’t quite right with the world, these thoughts are quickly pushed out of awareness. In LegoLand there are instructions for everything, including how to behave, think and live, in order to fit in and be a successful character. This is the only world that Emmet has known.

Accepting True Identity is not just about becoming a ‘Master Builder’ or a superhero. It is about accepting worthiness;  accepting that the Perfection of our True Identity. In this Acceptance, the Spirit moves through in the perfect way – with the perfect words, solutions, actions and Presence that is Called for in every moment. In this Awareness of Self the mind is not bound by the laws of the world. Super Heros are ‘unplugged’ – which is why they have tapped in to what are called ‘super powers’. And even higher still, beyond being an unplugged superhero, is Collaboration for an even higher Purpose.

“Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team”. Collaboration is the gift that Emmet brings to share with the whole. The Spirit uses his past skills and abilities to serve in delightfully helpful ways in the Plan of Awakening. Until he has a mystical experience and becomes aware of the other realms within the dreamworld, Emmet’s perception of himself and his abilities is extremely limited. He has many witnesses reflecting his self doubt, and it is not until he experiences Truth for himself that he can authentically know that he is ‘the Special’ (the One).

Lego Land is ruled by Mr Business, who is highly resistant to change, and the unknown. He calls free-thinking “chaos” and he has a master plan to freeze everything and everyone in the universe. Emmet and his mighty companions have to lay aside judgement of themselves and each other in order to join in mind and collaborate together. It takes great faith to go all the way with every Given step. Sometimes it can even seem like death is being chosen – but every step towards Awakening is towards a Higher Perspective.

The world is the screen upon which the dreamer of the dream’s thoughts, beliefs and desires are projected. Until there is harmony between the Father and the Son, conflict and the desire for control will continue to be played out in the world.

All of God’s Sons are special. There is One Son of God; and every ‘one’ has the same ability to accept the atonement and realize True Identity.


The Fault In Our Stars (2014)  The Fault in our stars

Themes: Death, Love, Fear of Love, True Empathy, Eternity, Gratitude, Love is Infinite, Relationship Assignment,  Healing, Family, Purpose, Forgiveness, Loss, Grief, Anger

Director: Josh Boone
Writers: Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber (screenplay)
Stars: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff

In Shakespeare’s play he says, ‘The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves’. If the ‘fault’ is mortality, then this movie is demonstrating that there is no fault, because love transcends death.
A life that transcends death is one that is all about living in the moment, fully accepting love, and focussing on what is right here, now.

To embrace the love in the moment is to embrace the holy instant. Love has nothing to do with time. Love is infinite!

The purpose of our life is to open our heart to love. Because everything in this world is going to come to an end, the fear of future loss is a defense against present joining. When Hazel and Augustus meet there is clearly a spark and a relationship assignment unfolds. Knowing that their ‘time together’ is finite, means facing the fear of future loss and daring to keep opening their hearts and letting themselves be loved.
Healing is all inclusive. Everyone in their lives are included in the healing journey and everyone has their part to play in the process.

Every moment, including funerals and ‘funeral rehearsals’, is an opportunity to welcome healing, and extend the gratitude and love in our heart. The words are given by the Spirit to answer the call for love in the moment.  “Love can not be far behind a grateful heart and a thankful mind” (ACIM). Gratitude literally eclipses the belief in loss.

Augustus’ wish is to do something amazing with his life, and to be remembered, yet the true calling of the heart is to Remember our eternal Identity. This awareness is an Amazing Life.

Open your heart , dare to let the love in, and discover just how loved you are!


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)  Walter Mitty

Themes: Awakening, Adventure, Transformation, Purpose, Littleness to Magnitude, Overcoming Self-doubt, Opening to the Present Moment, Fear of Intimacy, Communication, Mighty Companions, Cant Mess It Up!, Taking the Leap, Faith, Trust, All Things Work Together For Good
Director: Ben Stiller
Writers: Steve Conrad (screenplay), Steve Conrad (screen story)
Stars: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jon Daly

A fantastic awakening movie about taking the leap and soaring in Purpose! The rewards of faith are spiritual, and with every leap of faith comes an expansion of self. You are so much more than you could ever dream yourself to be! And your part is absolutely essential in the Plan! All of heaven is awaiting your Yes! The Spirit will show the way with signs and clues – and you will literally be carried by Grace to ensure you make it to your Destination. It may not always be experienced as ‘graceful’, but there is never a moment when the way isn’t shown – when you have the eyes to see and the courage to keep leaping! The Spiritual journey shifts from an experience of seeing missed opportunities and regrets, to soaring with the mighty wings of an eagle, seeing how incredibly all things keep working together for good, for you! It was all to bring you to this very Moment. And this Moment is so precious because You are Here, aware and saying Yes! Welcome Home to the awareness of Who you truly are!

Walter Mitty works in the basement, believing himself and his role in life to be small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. He has no idea that his part is essential in a much bigger plan, and that without him, the dreams of others couldn’t be realized. Living life bombarded by doubt-thoughts every day, and fantasizing of opportunities to be so much more, it all reaches a point where it just cannot be tolerated any longer. Self-doubt and hesitation fall away with every step that is taken, replaced with certainty of purpose and the realization that mighty companions are everywhere.
It is time to break out of littleness and go on the ride of a lifetime!

Lyrics from the theme song Stay Alive “There is a truth and it’s on our side. Dawn is coming, open your eyes. Look into the sun there’s a new day’s rise”


Saving Mr Banks Movie (2013) Saving mr banks

Themes: Fear of sacrifice, Forgiveness, Opening up to Love, Collaboration, Isolation, Perfectionism, Projection, Mighty Companions, Superiority
Director: John Lee Hancock
Writers: Kelly Marcel, Sue Smith
Stars: Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Annie Rose Buckley

Walt Disney was impelled to extend an invitation to Pamela Travers, author of Mary Poppins, to collaborate with him on making a movie out of her book. She steadfastly refused, but he continued to invite her every year for twenty years. And then finally, with no faith at all that it would be successful, she accepted the invitation.
This is a perfect example of how the curriculum (forgiveness) is set, just the time you take to accept the Help seems to be your choice. Forgiveness is inevitable.

Walt Disney is a miracle-worker. He has devoted his life to making movies that open the heart to love. Much like when Helen Schumann began scribing A Course In Miracles, when Walt Disney finally meets Mrs Travers and she begins to work with his script writers, her resistance and defenses are extremely high. It takes a team of dedicated angels, willing to join and collaborate with patience and kindness, while trust develops, and Pamela becomes more ready to approach forgiveness.

Pamela and Walt have a parallel healing experience, and he recognizes that Pamela is suffering from the same pain that he has. They both have a deep forgiveness issue with their father. And as Walt knows, until the past is truly forgiven and released from the mind, every day is a reminder of the pain.

There is a beautiful scene in this movie where Walt is a true mighty companion. He flies half way around the world and shows up at Pamela’s house, unannounced at midnight for a direct talk about what is really going on beneath all of the surface projection and grievances. His purpose is far beyond making movies. This is a true Friend, being used by Spirit, to answer the call for love.

This world is an illusion, and without the context of awakening, isolation and death can seem like the only way out. All of the roles of this world were set up by the ego, and each one was destined to fail. How good is a good enough father? Or daughter? Memories haunt the mind and projection of ‘wrongness’ onto others is used a defense against facing the deeper hurt that is buried inside.
There is a deep love beneath the ego’s purpose for this world. Only forgiveness can bring the gentleness light of innocence back to awareness.


Grace Unplugged (2013)  Grace unplugged

Themes: Purpose, Father-daughter concept, Self Concept, Anger at God, Fear of Loss / Fear of Change, Forgiveness, Special Relationship vs Holy Relationship, Music Ministry
Director: Brad J. Silverman
Writers: Brad J. Silverman
Stars: AJ Michalka, Kelly Thiebaud, James Denton

The road with God (towards God) is filled with inspiration, collaboration, joy and miracles. Without this Purpose, whatever is sought after will be experienced as empty because all roadways of this world lead to death (away from God).

Fear of change and fear of loss results in the attempt to control the form and others (the world around us). The Spirit’s plan calls for changes in form, to allow the fear of change to be released from the mind. Special relationship is based on maintaining the familiar (the past), whereas holy relationship is based on seeing the Christ and supporting true freedom – whatever this means in form.
All things work together for good, and changes are always helpful for expanding the mind beyond the familiar, limited self concept.

Grace and her father have always had a deep connection that involves God and inspirational collaborations through music. However, the tight grip of specialness reaches a point where Grace is impelled to leave her home-life completely in search of reaching her full potential. Even though this is the plan, with grievances in her mind, and personal motivation leading the way, she experiences the emptiness of life without collaboration and Purpose. Compromise is really no choice at all, and the decision for forgiveness and Truth is inevitable. It’s where the Love is found.

The Spirit is in charge of the whole plan, and awakening is inevitable! It is safe to let go, in fact we have to let go in order to fly and soar in the Spirit together!!!!


Gravity (2013)

Themes: Power of decision, Loss, Forgiveness, Calling / Wake-Up Call, Surrender, Acceptance Gravity
Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Writers: Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón
Stars: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris

Going through the motions is no way to live! This is a Big Wake-Up Call!!!!
The backdrop for this movie is like the mind. ‘Space’ is vast and spacious, and the people (astronauts)  are like thoughts. They can spin off, out of control, just with the slightest nudge. Debris can come hurtling through the mind at high speeds, just as thoughts do, appearing to cause chaos and even destruction. It takes vigilance and determination to harness the power of decision, continually let go of the past, and keep moving in the direction of Home. We are doing it for the whole, and everyone (Love) is with us, every step of the way.

When you believe you have lost the love of your life, then life on planet earth is nothing but going through the motions. This is no way to live. In fact, this has nothing to do with Life. Holding on to the past is a way of denying the present moment, denying the reality of God. No matter how painful or sad the memory of loss, only a total surrender will allow Who you are to emerge back into awareness.

This is a huge wake-up call! You have enormous strength within you, the power to move mountains in fact, and when this mind energy is focused, then anything is possible. All that matters is that you go for it. Now! We can never truly be alone because the Spirit is always present. Even though it can look messy at times, even disastrous, awakening (your home-coming) is absolutely assured.


Enders Game (2013)     Enders Game

Themes: Forgiveness, Collaboration, Innocence,
Director: Gavin Hood
Writers: Gavin Hood (screenplay), Orson Scott Card
Stars: Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld

‘Love thy enemy’. The enemy is the ‘unknown’; one who is perceived to have a different purpose, and therefore one who cannot be trusted. To know the enemy is to bring them close, to understand their motives. The only motive can be a call for love or an extension of love. There is nothing else. In the realization of a shared purpose, oneness (love) is recognized.

Ender is one of a group of youths, chosen to form a defensive army to protect earth from an ‘alien invasion’. Ender recognizes a killer instinct (the ego) within himself and his brother, and compassion and kindness (the Spirit), in the reflection of his sister. The ego’s world is a battlefield, one in which killer instinct is valued and used to destroy, and compassion is seen as weakness. Regardless of the external situation, Ender has no choice but to play his part in the plan, and to go for it in certainty and strength, without holding back. When given the opportunity to lead, Ender guides his team using collaboration, inner listening, and faith.

The Spirit has always been communicating to the mind. When the realization of Innocence dawns, there is nothing to go back for, and protection of the Christ child (symbol of innocence) becomes the only mission to continue forward with.


20 Feet from Stardom (2013)  20 feet from stardom

Themes: Spiritual Calling, Non-Ownership, Acceptance vs Ambition, Music, Self Concept
Director: Morgan Neville
Stars: Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer

For many musicians and singers, music is a spiritual Calling. Allowing the music to come through without holding back, without judgment or thought, is a spiritual experience. For back-up singers, it is a shared experience, and it is all about harmonizing and being in a support function, rather than being the ‘star’. For many back up singers, they are unrecognized, as far as the world is concerned. Some of them are actually lead vocalists for well-known songs that are recorded in the studio and released by record companies, without anyone knowing ‘who’ actually sings them.

Worth has nothing to do with position or stardom. Worth is about accepting our Calling, regardless of how it looks. If it is to be a lead singer, then it’s to go for it, if it is to harmonize and support in a back-up singer function, then it takes the same willingness and mind-training to be totally in it.

We can only experience the truth of Who we are in the present moment, by holding on to nothing; not one concept about ourselves. This experience is so filled with Life and gratitude, and if this is truly all that is desired, then many opportunities will keep coming to support the consistent awareness of this experience. When there is a desire for something else, then beliefs in success and failure, competition, and personal achievement come with this desire.

Truth and happiness not of this world, or illusions, the choice is really not a choice at all.


About Time (2013)

Themes: Forgiveness, About time jpgThe script, Transcendence of time, Fear of Love, Relationship assignments, Miracle-working, Present Moment
Director: Richard Curtis
Writer: Richard Curtis
Stars: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy

Oh my God!!! Amazing movie!!!!! By the producers of Love Actually, with Rachel McAdams from Time Travellers Wife.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Forgiveness is releasing the mind from the past. Complete forgiveness is living in full awareness of the Present Moment, where there is no desire to ‘go back’ or have any control over the script. As a stepping stone towards complete forgiveness, memory can be used to ‘revisit’ scenarios and come to acceptance of what is. When there is fear in the mind, opportunities to be a miracle-worker are missed. Hesitation leads to regret and guilt, because the self that hesitates is afraid of getting it wrong. This self lives in time, preoccupied with wishing the past were different and hoping to get it right in the future.
The Spirit uses time to free the mind from time, by providing a constant opportunity to say Yes to Love in the moment. Attentiveness to this opportunity and overcoming the fear of intimacy is the journey. Knowing there is nothing missing is the Destination. When it is understood that there is nothing to lose, every moment can be embraced with lightness and joy. The goal we were seeking is the Love that we are when we are present.

At the age of 21, Tim is told that he has the ability to time travel. He uses this gift to go back and re-do experiences where he was afraid of intimacy; where he was too afraid to ‘take the risk’. Through these opportunities he gets to play things out differently and be a miracle-worker, stepping up to support his loved ones when they need it, and also to see where he couldn’t have changed the outcome, regardless of what he would have done differently. Some things are meant to be, and some are not!

Tim’s  goal is love. At first he believes this is getting a girlfriend, but as his journey unfolds he comes to realize what the ‘mothership’ really is.


One Chance (2013) One Chance

Themes: Mighty Companions, Faith, Unworthiness, Purpose,

Director: David Frankel
Writer: Justin Zackham (screenplay)
Stars: James Corden, Alexandra Roach, Julie Walters

This life has one purpose. It is to be our true Self and let our light shine! It’s how we experience God and it’s unmistakable when we give ourselves over to it completely.

This is the true story of Paul Potts, an unlikely opera singer from Wales. All he knows for sure is that the only time he feels good about himself is when he sings.
Facing self-doubt and reflections of unworthiness were intense for Paul his whole life, and despite the constant attack thoughts and criticisms, he continued to be true to his calling.

Mighty companions are behind you 100% and just can’t see the possibility of failure because they know that you have to follow your path. When the desired outcome is following our heart and letting our light shine, the world is no longer feared and instead becomes a place of opportunities to extend the Gift.

When it seems like there is only one chance you give it everything you’ve got. This is what it takes to wake up – so live every day like it’s your One Chance!


Flight (2012)  Flight

Themes: Call for Love, Wake-up call, Undoing of Pride, Self concept, Addiction / alcoholism

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Writer: John Gatins
Stars: Denzel Washington, Nadine Velazquez, Don Cheadle

To believe you are a success in this world is to be two-steps removed from reality. To admit that your ‘life’ is unmanageable and Help from a Higher Source is needed, is to come one step closer to Truth.
This is a big wake-up call!  There is a desperate unhappiness beneath the false confidence of personhood. A proud, highly accomplished self-concept is a cover over a self that is lost, and has forgotten God. This self is wounded, and to keep this hurt out of awareness, the mask of ‘personal achievement’ is heavily defended and maintained.

The hiding and pretense isn’t fooling anyone! However, readiness for healing cannot be forced. The recognition of the need for Help comes from within. We are so deeply loved by God, that angels will keep showing up in support. What ever it takes!  It’s alllllll for this!!!!!!!


What Maisie Knew (2012)

Main themes – Teacher of God, Call for love, Spiritual maturity v’s age, Sorting the valueless from the valuable
Directors: Scott McGehee, David Siegel
Writers: Nancy Doyne (screenplay), Carroll Cartwright (screenplay)
Stars: Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgård, Steve Coogan

There is a bit of drama to get through but Maisie’s presence and seeing how she inspires everyone around her is so worth it!
Human drama is a call for love. Although the adults are considered the ‘care-givers’ of children, a true Care-Giver is a miracle-worker who sees and answers a call for love with love.
Regardless of how distracted the adults in Maisie’s life are by their other priorities (pursuit of special relationships and worldly success), her response to all of them is loving kindness and forgiveness. Everyone supports what they value and receives to the extent to which they give. To teach is to demonstrate, and Maisie teaches only love through her attitude. A teacher of God is one who made a deliberate choice in which they did not see their own interests apart from someone else’s. Maisie is a teacher of God, and her presence inspires those around her to accept their function. To know God is to trust completely that everything will unfold as it is meant to. Regardless of the form, Love is always here.



Thanks_for_sharingThanks for Sharing (2012)

Themes: Sex, addiction, function, mighty companions, forgiveness, purpose
Director: Stuart Blumberg
Writers: Stuart Blumberg (screenplay), Matt Winston (screenplay)
Stars: Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad

I saw this fantastic movie last night (2nd October). Wow. Great forgiveness, healing, function, mighty-companion movie with addiction as the main theme. It shows so clearly right and wrong-mindedness and the vigilance required to stay clear and focused.

When the mind is identified with the ego and is lost in the ego’s purpose for the body, it becomes obsessed with seeking pleasure (pain). This movie shows so clearly that pleasure and pain are the same, and that seeking for and playing out the egos purpose for the body is an attack upon the self. All illness is mental illness, and sickness (addiction) is function unfulfilled. Hiding and protecting addictions (the ego) blocks all chance of help and healing.

When the decision is made to stop hiding (from oneself) and playing games, real healing can begin, and relationships built on a shared purpose of healing, openness, and honesty are possible.
Facing the past is essential in order to truly heal. No dark cornerstones can be left unturned or they become hiding places for the ego.

Getting in touch with one’s ‘higher power’ is the Answer. Being of service lifts the mind into a higher purpose and into alignment with being Helpful. In this alignment, the mind is lifted from the battleground. In this movie, the characters are very aware of the two thought systems, and what happens to them when they are lost in the ego’s world of pleasure and pain. It is hell, and it takes great vigilance and determination to stay right-minded. Thank God for mighty companions, and for opportunities to be of service. There is so much love and support available when healing is desired above all else.


One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das 2012 KrishnaDas

Themes: finding purpose, devotion, enlightenment, forgiveness, healing, depression,
Director: Jeremy Frindel
Stars: Krishna Das, Ram Dass, Rick Rubin

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In
this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.” T-1.I.3.

This is an authentic and genuine documentary about Krishna Das’ path and deepening connection with the Divine. Jeffrey Kagel (who later became Krishna Das) was unimpressed with life and unaware of spirituality until he glimpsed the nature of reality through a drug experience. He realized what life was truly about when he experienced Divine Love in the presence of Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba) in India. Already a musician, Jeffrey naturally attuned to singing Kirtan (chanting the name of God) and would have happily lived the rest of his life singing at the feet of his beloved guru. However, after 18 heart-opening months in India, Krishna Das was told that his spiritual journey and lessons would involve returning to America. As he stood up to leave his guru, he heard clearly within his mind “I’ll sing to you in America.”

The death of his beloved guru affected Krishna Das deeply. Believing the source of his Love and happiness had gone, and that he had missed a last opportunity to be with him, he fell into depression and drug addiction, completely lost for 21 years. Finally he returned to India, desiring to reconnect with Maharaj-ji’s presence, and during a mystical meditation he realized the Truth – the Presence of his guru was still with him. He also realized the way to heal his heart was singing with people.

Krishna Das shares how the backdrop of touring and being a spiritually inspired musician is his pathway for facing egoic desires and temptations as well as being his practice for being in the presence of Truth. Because of the deep Purpose it has for him, everything but the song fades into the background of awareness, and he is taken into Direct Experience. This Presence fills the room when he sings directly to, and for God, inviting all to join.

The Gift of his music has become a healing comfort and spiritual inspiration for many thousands around the world.


Stuck In Love (2012) Stuck in love

Themes: Forgiveness, Fear of Love, Heart Opening, Communication, Abandonment, Family, Heal Past Associations, Addiction

Director & Writer: Josh Boone
Stars: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Nat Wolf

Dare to open your heart and face the fear of being ‘hurt by love’ again. The association of love with loss runs deep, and the only way it can be healed is through open communication, patience, open-heartedness, and forgiveness.

The Borgens family are experiencing an intense year of healing through relationships. Each has to allow the past to be let go of and forgiven, and dare to take the risk of letting love fully back into awareness.

Bill is an acclaimed writer who experiences writing as something that happens through him when his heart and mind are open. He encourages his teenage son and daughter to do the same, understanding that writing comes from the experience of fully embracing life, and all that it entails. For the most part, their relationships are based on direct and open communication, and the extent to which they can keep the channels open, is the extent to which love can flow freely amongst them and through them.
For Bill (the father), the healing plays out as holding on to the past and refusing to accept that the form of a relationship is over, and for the daughter, it’s plays out as pushing love away and refusing to allow a new relationship to come in. The son is called to show up and step up into his worthiness, and the mother is taking the steps of letting go of the family roles and expectations to discover where she is truly called to be. It’s all in the direction of allowing the past to be re-translated and seen anew.


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011) Salmon Fishing

Themes: Faith, Finding Purpose, Collaboration, Inspiration, Signs and Symbols, Trust, Wake-Up Call, Vibrational Connection

Director: Lasse Hallström
Writers: Simon Beaufoy, Paul Torday (novel)
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Amr Waked

One of the greatest faith, and ‘making the turn’ movies ever!

Alfred Jones insists he is a facts and figures man, and not at all a man of faith. Little does he know! Offered the opportunity of a lifetime but completely blind to it’s potential, Alfred finds the idea of a project to introduce salmon fish into the Yemen river ridiculous. Feeling coerced, he gives the absolute minimum to the project until it begins to dawn in his heart that this idea is Inspired, and has a far greater purpose than what it first seemed.

Collaboration is a backdrop for falling in love in the truest sense (immersing in a purpose that opens your heart and raises your mind above focussing on your own self-interests). The script has it’s twists and turns, but once you’re in the Yes you can’t help but play your part perfectly, and one opportunity after the next to be a miracle-worker will present itself.

The Holy Spirit has a glorious plan of awakening, and everything is being orchestrated to reveal a Life worth living! It takes faith – leaps of faith – to keep an open heart and dare to follow where it will lead.

Lay aside judgment, intellectual reasoning, fears of scarcity and human loyalty, and find what is worth our undivided Loyalty! It is our Purpose!


Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Kung Fu Panda2

Themes: Identity, Forgiveness, Mind-Training, Mighty Companions, Family, Characteristics of a Teacher of God

Director: Jennifer Yuh (as Jennifer Yuh Nelson)
Writers: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger
Stars: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan

Po is an unlikely hero – being that he is a gentle-natured, food and fun-loving, large panda, who recently realized his Calling and began his Kung Fu training.
He has a glorious function to fulfill alongside his mighty companions, but Po’s mind will only be clear enough to fully play his part when he allows repressed memories from the past to arise and be forgiven.
Identity in this world is usually associated with family and where you have come from, but, as Po realizes, identity it is really a present love and gratitude for the beloved ones that you are with.

The wonderful thing about Po is that he is totally himself. His companions are all amazing Kung Fu experts, and they play their parts perfectly; poised, highly mind-trained, athletic, stealthy, and swift. Po’s way looks nothing like this, but he is also 100 percent in the ‘Yes’! He dives straight in, head first, whatever the situation, in total agreement and support of his companions, no matter what. His humble, generous, open-minded, loving nature is what carries him through his epic adventures, drawing to him all of the help he needs to play his part in ways that continue to take him and everyone around him, by surprise.

When inner peace is drawn upon, the mind is steady and focused, and can be used in ways that transcend the laws and limitations of the world.
Mind training is essential to know your true potential. And so is allowing yourself to be Who you are! Be your adorable Self! This is truly, your Gift for the whole sonship.


Little Bit of Heaven (2011) a little bit of heaven

Themes: Fear of Love, Forgiveness, Healing, Denial, Death, Sickness, Heart Opening, Family, Holy Relationship, Heal Past Associations, Mighty Companions, Wake-Up Call

Director: Nicole Kassell. Writer: Gren Wells
Stars: Kate Hudson, Gael García Bernal, Kathy Bates |

A beautiful, transformation healing movie based on facing the fear of love.

It’s time for a wake-up call. Avoidance of meaningful communication and relationships through insisting on ‘having fun’ is a cover over hurt and fear. The mind that is afraid of love has to blame and project the holding back onto others. Love waits upon invitation, and when the decision to accept the purpose of healing is made, all of life becomes a sparkling journey of forgiveness, love and innocence.

Marley (Kate Hudson) has great friends, a job she enjoys, she’s young, attractive and a lot of fun, but underneath it all she is deeply afraid of love.
Her relationships with men are all brief encounters, other than the exceptions of her beloved dog and gay friend from next door. Her other relationships are based on sex, ‘having fun’, and work, all of which are in the category of not taking anything seriously.

Marley is unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer. When time is suddenly seen as short, the purpose of time is seen in a whole new light. Rather than using it to maintain a superficial life-style, every moment becomes a precious opportunity to connect, to be honest, to teach innocence, and to deepen through into real relationship.

During a near death / visionary experience, Marley tells God that she is afraid of dying. God (in the form of Whoopi Goldberg), responds by saying, “Everyone dies. you’re not really afraid of dying. What are you really afraid of?” Marley then realizes she is afraid to love because she is afraid of being hurt. The opportunity to face the deepest fear and open the heart is available now. With no time to lose, she embraces every opportunity with her friends (giving them the opportunity to become mighty companions), a new relationship (giving herself and him an opportunity to love), her colleagues (giving herself an opportunity to drop the mask) and her parents (giving them all an opportunity to forgive and heal).

So take the risk, communicate straight from your heart, and receive the Gift of living with an open heart.


How To Train Your Dragon (2010)  How to train dragon

Themes: Forgiveness, Defense and Attack are the Same, Self Concept, Innocence, Mighty Companions, Self Doubt, Acceptance of Self as the One, Father-Son Relationship
Directors: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders
Type: Children’s Movie – Animated
Writers: William Davies (screenplay), Dean DeBlois (screenplay)
Stars: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

The belief in attack is buried deep within the mind. While an external enemy is believed in, attack will continue to be witnessed in everyone and everything. From small criticisms to dragon fire-balls being hurled at your home, it’s actually the same. Attack is a denial of self, and it is not until our function and our True Identity is accepted, that the world can transform to a place of love, gentleness and collaboration. The enemy is not the enemy at all! It was a misperception! When the need for defense is dropped, innocence is recognized, and all it takes is a loving gesture for the fiercest enemy to become an adorable and potentially powerful mighty companion!

You’re not fooling anyone when you are trying to be something that you are not! Seeking the approval of a father figure will never work because the one seeking approval is confused about identity. The deeply rooted belief in the ego; in attack, has to be raised up out of it’s hiding place and faced, to put an end to a meaningless battle. It ends today!


Black Swan (2010)

black swanThemes: Face of innocence, Through the darkness to the light, Self concept
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Writers: Mark Heyman (screenplay), Andres Heinz (screenplay)
Stars: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel

Deep down everyone wants to be real – to be free of fear and control. This is a fantastic movie for showing the face of innocence and what lies beneath. 

The authentic spiritual journey is ‘through the darkness to the light’. The ‘face of innocence’ is part of a self-concept that attempts to be perfect, but often finds itself at the mercy of the world. Although it may be able to perform perfectly, weakness is at it’s core, because it is a denial of Self; of true strength. Eventually, holding up the mask and trying to maintain personal control over life cannot last, and cracks begin to appear in the fabric of the mind. As the false sense of self begins to fall away, the darkness beneath is revealed. Although disorienting and frightening to go through, the darkness has to be allowed into awareness, including the attraction and the fascination with what has been repressed and denied, in order for it to be released.

Attacker and victim are brought together in this movie as it is seen that there is nothing outside of one’s own mind. You are neither the ‘face of innocence’ or the dark self that lies beneath. It is through allowing both up into awareness, to be seen and transcended, that Who you are truly are can be set free.



My Name Is Khan (2010) My name is Khan

Director: Karan Johar
Writers: Shibani Bathija (story), Shibani Bathija (dialogue)
Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Sheetal Menon
Themes: Innocence, Non-judgment, Purity, Forgiveness, Anger, Death, Loss

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. The pure of heart see with love. Deception is not understandable to a mind that looks to the simple light of truth.

Love heals, but it has to be let in. Hurt turns to anger, and anger turns to hatred. The decision to maintain and justify anger is the decision to deny innocence, and one’s true Identity. When the hurt is allowed up for healing and forgiveness, the anger is dissolved.

Khan’s child-like innocence and purity of heart touch those who recognize the truth of who he is. Unable to lie, deceive, or disobey a request made by one he loves, Khan embarks on a mission to deliver a statement of innocence to the President of the United States.  At a time when a nation is fueled by fear, Khan’s demonstration of innocence, selflessness and love inspires miracles (a change of perception on a grand scale).



The blind side
The Blind Side (2009)

Themes: Take the stranger in, Call for love, True empathy, Communication, Family of God
Director: John Lee Hancock
Writers: John Lee Hancock, Michael Lewis (book)
Stars: Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw

When we ‘take the stranger in’ we realize that the stranger is, in fact, the Christ. Answering a call for love for a brother is always for oneself because the greatest gift that you can receive comes from opening your heart to Love.

This is a true story about Michael Oher (‘Big Mike’), a homeless boy who became a star All American football player. Even though he was surrounded by violence, drugs and poverty his whole life, Michael followed the guidance that often came through his drug-addicted mother, “Close your eyes. Keep them closed…” (and minutes or hours later) “Now on the count of three you can open your eyes. The past is gone, there is nothing to fear, and everything is going to be alright”.
Expecting nothing from the world, but willing to go where invited and accept what was offered, Michael was granted a scholarship to attend an academic Christian school because of his athletic abilities. Unable to ‘learn’ within the normal classroom setting, Michael is an opportunity for each of his teachers to look beyond the form to see and support his potential. Homeless, he is scooped up one cold night by a Christian family, who take him in and can’t help but gradually find themselves offering him everything that he needs to open up to his worthiness and step into his certainty.
Falling in love is inevitable when our defenseless, beautiful Self is allowed to shine! God truly wants to offer us Everything!


Copying Beethoven (2006) CopyingBeethoven

Themes: Collaboration, Relationship assignment, Purpose, Oneness, Mystical experience
Director: Agxnieszka Holland
Writers: Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson
Stars: Diane Kruger, Ralph Riach, Ed Harris

I love this movie… with collaboration and mystical experience at the core of the experience, how could you not!!!!

Collaboration is when two minds join as one and experience being in the Divine flow. The purpose of relationship assignments is to lose awareness of separate interests and join together in a unified purpose.

Music is a pathway to God. Beethoven receives incredible downloads from the Spirit in the form of symphonies of music, unlike anything the world has ever heard. His direct experiences with God are a huge contrast to the frustration and intensity he experiences when dealing with the world. Without mind-training or a context for dealing with the ego, he is experienced by those around him as a fearful, unpredictable ‘force’.
Anna Holtz also has a Calling that involves music, and she recognizes the depth and purpose of a Spirit-given assignment to share in and extend the music Beethoven has received. Her willingness to be a clear, direct communication channel supports them both to go beyond their fears into true collaboration. Pride and arrogance fall away as the Call for Love is answered.

Ludwig Beethoven describes how the presence of God is found in the silence between the notes and how taking down the music and playing it is as close to Creation as one can be; “Music is the language of God. Musicians are as close to God as man can be, we hear His Voice, we read His lips, we give birth to the children of God who sing His praise.”


Stranger than fiction (2006)Stranger than fiction

Themes: Awakening, The Script is Written, Purpose, Awakening, Forgiveness, Present Moment, Perfectionism, Fear of Love, Opening up to love

Director: Marc Forster
Writer: Zach Helm
Stars: Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman

Harold Crick is living a monotonous, highly organized, routine life. He counts how many times he brushes his teeth, and how many steps to the bus stop. He is intricately aware of how many minutes and seconds everything takes. In a sense, Harold is living an ordered, scripted life –  there is nothing spontaneous or joyful, and he does not have any intimate relationships that involve communicating from the heart.

When Harold begins to hear a woman’s voice narrating his life and describing his every move he begins to question who is in control of his life! Is he? Is the narrater? And who is the narrater? What is the genre of his life’s story? How will it end? Harold begins to pay attention, to watch and learn how he is living his life – which then brings his attention to the most important question of all. A question of purpose. Immediately as his heart begins to open to the possibility of living his life differently, the fear of death enters his mind as he hears a voice speaking of ‘his imminent death’.

The script is written. The ego projected the world and all of the stories in it. Every human story ends in death, and so the question becomes how am I going to live this life? Do I dare to live it fully and embrace the opportunity to love now? Let’s allow our mind to be lifted up above the script of the character into an identity that cannot die!

When the purpose of awakening is given to our life we are tuning into the script through prayer and inner listening, and it becomes a vibrant, living experience. Through forgiveness; awakening to a new purpose, the script can seem to be rewritten. In truth it is being reinterpreted. The focus shifts from a tragedy, where the focus is on avoiding death and preserving the life of the individual, to loving attentiveness being given to every moment.

Every moment and every thing in this moment is what can save our life when it is seen for what it is – a moment to spent with God!


The Family Stone (2005) the family stone

Themes: Forgiveness, Judgement, Control, Fear, Relationships, Family dynamics, Call for love
Director & Writer: Thomas Bezucha
Stars: Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes

The Stone family, along with relationship partners, come together over Christmas and experience a profound undoing of pride and opening of the heart.
To the rest of the family , Everett’s partner Meredith is difficult and uptight, and they don’t understand why Everett is with her. They have no idea that her deep Call for Love and acceptance is his own. Only through laying aside judgment and ‘bringing the stranger in’ can they open up to seeing and receiving the gift that Meredith has come to give. Through a series of incidents where it seems like everything is going wrong, a deep healing is occurring.

Love is recognized only through non-judgment and complete acceptance. When we lay aside trying to be perfect, and allow ourselves to relax, our light can naturally shine.

The Holy Spirit is in charge of a truly miraculous Plan, and to the extent to which we let go of control and allow the Plan to be revealed, we can enjoy the ride. After-all, healing is inevitable!


The Prizewinner Of Defiance, Ohio (2005) The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

Themes: Call for Love, Innocence, Disillusionment, Self Concept; Family / Mother Concept / Father concept, Roles, Vision of Christ, Alcoholism, Divine Providence, Characteristics of Teacher of God; Trust, Faith, Patience, Joy, Faith,
Director: Jane Anderson
Writers: Terry Ryan (book), Jane Anderson (screenplay)
Stars: Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern

In the 1960’s, the men were the ‘breadwinners’ and the women stay home and raise the family. For Evelyn’s husband, resentment, pride and anger arise when the roles aren’t able to be fulfilled. Disillusionment sets in when the self concept isn’t able to be maintained.

Evelyn is a miracle worker who can’t do anything but see the Christ in everyone. She consistently forgives, and perceives nothing but a call for love, no matter how intense the situation. She constantly considers ‘what is best for the whole’, and in this consistent alignment of service, she finds her joy. The Spirit comes through her with humor and lightness, and she experiences the support and delight of divine providence in the form of winning prizes through jingle-writing competitions. Based on a true story.



Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) Under Tuscan Sun

Themes: Taking the Leap, Function, Mighty Companions, Prayer, Guidance, Faith, Form and Content, Special vs Holy Relationship, Family of God, Loneliness, Fear of Loss, Fear of Intimacy, Transformational, Heart Opening

Director: Audrey Wells
Writers: Frances Mayes (book), Audrey Wells (screen story)
Stars: Diane Lane, Raoul Bova, Sandra Oh

France (Diane Lane)’s life as she knows it comes to an abrupt ending and she swiftly begins to leave the past behind her. She knows she cannot go back and the only way to re-open her heart to the possibility of love is to follow the steps that are laid out before her. She takes each one, facing the fear of the unknown, loneliness, and the belief in abandonment. Mother Mary is with her every step of the way, and with every step she takes, her heart opens a little wider and she is able to receive the Gifts that are right in front of her.

The past is truly the past. It is over and it is done. It is time to awaken – time to take the leap and not look back. When the decision to go for it is made, then the whole universe conspires to support this decision. The signs are so clear when you are looking for them! All you need do is follow. Follow your heart, follow the symbols of freedom and love, and be led, from one heart-opening experience to another, all the way Home into the Heart of God.

Love is not about the form. Love is in our Heart and we free It to be fully in awareness when we say Yes, and we allow the form to come and to go.
Prayers are always answered. God knows the prayer of our heart before we ask. The form that the answer comes in isn’t always recognized, and so mighty companions sometimes come along to give us a nudge or a straight talk, when needed! Thank God for those who don’t hold back!

There truly is no loss. When ever anything is perceived as lacking, the simple solution is to be willing to provide what is lacking. Getting into function as a miracle-worker is the way to experience the immediacy of salvation.


Notting Hill (1999) Notting Hill

Themes: Fear of love, Self concept, Heart opening, Relationship assignment, Worthiness
Director: Roger Michell
Writer: Richard Curtis
Stars: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Richard McCabe

This movie is about daring to accept who is given for opening the heart to love. It’s about saying Yes to the spark in the heart and putting this first, so that everything that does not serve true happiness can fall away.

Anna Scott is a famous actress who walks into William’s book store while filming in London. William feels an immediate spark with Anna  Their encounters seem like ‘a disaster’ to William because he can’t help but be himself with her, and it’s not always pretty! Who he is, is the Gift that she has been calling for. Anna is ready to let the past, including her current life, go. And she needs help. Anna describes her experience of love and relationships by quoting Rita Hayworth, “They go to bed with Gilda and they wake up with me”. The illusion of love never lasts.

The Spirit, and the development of trust, is behind every encounter that Anna has with William and those who surround him. Anna is impelled to invite herself to William’s sister’s birthday. When they get over the surprise of having a famous actress at their table, his friends fully welcome her into their hearts. Like William, they cannot be anything but authentic.

When the protectionism involved with maintaining the self-image arises, Anna pushes William away, every time. Beneath the push away is a call for love. And as William discovers, answering the call for love is always for oneself.

Love is patient, love is kind. Love is non-compromising because love is worthy. Love takes nothing personally because love cannot be rejected. Love cannot be hurried because just is. Love is acceptance. Love is allowance. The truth needs no defense, and the invitation to say yes to Love is from God, therefore it never ends.

“Yes” is inevitable! It’s for the whole!


The Fifth Element (1997) The Fifth Element

Themes: Collaboration, Purpose, Love, Relationship Assignment, Trust, Faith, Accepting Function
Director & Writer: Luc Besson
Stars: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman

Love saves the universe! Perfect love casts out fear.
Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) prays to meet the perfect woman (to find his purpose in life) and Leeloo literally drops out of the sky into his life. He doesn’t know that she is on a mission to save the universe, and she doesn’t know that she can’t complete her mission without him. On the edge of losing yet another job he really does not want to take the risk of helping Leeloo, but he doesn’t have a choice. Impelled by the unmistakable connection, he risks everything to accept their mission.
Being the savior of the world is more than just saving the form of the planet – it’s about the connection, shared purpose and Love!
Together, an unlikely team of mighty companions form together on a mission to stop the darkness from destroying earth. What is darkness but lack of love? What can dispel darkness but the light of love.


Eden (1996) Eden

Themes: Special relationship, holy relationship, mystical experience, sickness as a decision, to teach is to demonstrate
Director: Howard Goldberg
Writer: Howard Goldberg
Stars: Joanna Going, Dylan Walsh, Sean Patrick Flanery

Who we are is far beyond the limitations of a body. Until limiting roles and specialness are released, mystical experiences are intermittent, and the contrasting experience of attempting to live in two worlds becomes literally intolerable.
When the mind is no longer wiling to compromise, a unified purpose becomes possible and life can become a consistent opportunity to extend love and truth. The purpose of the body is communication. Sickness of the body is a reflection of limits being put on communication.

Bill is employed as a high school teacher but his wife Helen is the true teacher. To teach is to demonstrate; to inspire. Memorizing ‘facts’ is not learning at all – learning is experience and true learning is the opening of the heart and the mind towards higher potential and spiritual awareness.
While playing the role of husband and teacher, Bill is no happier than Helen is, attempting to limit herself to the role of housewife and mother.

Helen has a desire to teach. She feels limited by the confines of a body affected by multiple sclerosis, and when she is told by her husband that she is not allowed to teach, she finds her escape from limitations through astral projection. Her spiritual experiences are so expansive that returning to ‘life’ in the world becomes less and less attractive to her. Compromise is death, and living a life of compromise is not living at all.

When you give yourself over completely to spiritual experience, the body is no longer your reference point, and it cannot possibly limit you. Instead, it becomes a communication device for Spirit.

Love does not possess, nor is it proud. Love is the true healer. To love is to set free.


Phenomenon (1996) Phenomenon

Themes: Collaboration, Awakening, Communication, Wake-Up Call, Opening Up to Love, Mind Training, Mighty Companions, Power of Thought, Psychic Abilities,  Doubt, Discover True Identity, Present Moment
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Writer: Gerald Di Pego
Stars: John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker
Our capacity for learning is enormous. If we are eager and open, learning can take us higher and higher in consciousness. We may seem to develop abilities of mind that are natural, but that can seem supernatural to the world and people around us. Do not be afraid of true intimacy or of that which you cannot explain scientifically. For as you rise in awareness of who you truly are, you will develop abilities to such an extent that they will release you from an impossible situation. And this world of conflict and guilt and fear is an impossible situation. You will awaken to the eternal reality of your self in God.

George Malley has a beautiful, pure heart that just wants to extend. Following a ‘Light experience’, his awareness of our spiritual nature and the interconnectedness of all things begins to deepen and expand. His inspiration and capacity to learn increases while his typical human needs fall away.
Despite his loving attitude and desire to share his awareness with everyone, most are frightened of what they do not understand. In typical ego response, they attempt to ‘label and dismiss’ his spiritual growth, in order to feel safe (stay asleep).

Mighty companions who dare to open their hearts to love are the ones who receive the Gifts and join in the deeply precious opportunity to go all the way together. There is no death, the son of God is free. One with All. Innocent and free.


 Journey’s End – Star Trek TNG  Journeys end

Themes: Forgiveness, Next Steps, Acceptance of Calling

This moment is the journey’s end. The time to come with holy empty hands unto God is now. No past learning can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is actually a block to the awareness of Perfect Love.

We took the path we thought we had to take, and we did great! But it is time to take the next step – out of the familiar, out of a familiar script, and into the unknown – beyond all of the rules and roles that were in place while we needed them in support of mind-training for the Present Moment.
It can seem like we may be letting someone down or leaving them behind, as steps are taken, but that is just projection – we are actually letting our self down if we aren’t stepping up and accepting our Calling.

The next steps are deepening in awareness of what is not ‘seen’ with the bodies eyes or ‘heard’ with the bodies ears… spiritual vision is listening with intuition, being moved by the Spirit, seeing beyond the error, and responding only with love, as inspired. Higher and higher states of consciousness is truly all that is wanted for us.






The Reluctant Saint (1962) the reluctant saint

Themes: Devotion, Innocence, Finding Purpose, Teacher of God, Prayer, Defenseless, Unhealed Healer, Faith

I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. Yet in this learning is salvation born. And What you are will tell you of Itself. ACIM T-31
Only an open mind in a state of true humility can receive revelation from God. Jesus taught that you have to be as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The scholarly ‘i-know’ mind is not only unnecessary to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it bars the way. The presence of God abides where It is welcome; where there is a complete lack of judgment. When the final vestiges of self-doubt are washed from the mind, the world is transcended.
This is an inspiring film about the life of Joseph of Cupertino, who became known as a levitating saint. Joseph had no worldly skills or abilities, and in the eyes of his family and fellow friars, he failed at every worldly task assigned to him. Incapable of judgement or attaining worldly knowledge, Joseph was drawn to simplicity and opportunities to offer kindness and love. Along with his deep devotion to God and his willingness to follow every instruction given to him by the priests who doubted him, and the priest who believed in him, he experienced a transformation of consciousness that left him so unidentified with this world that he was often lifted up to float high above the earth.

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