Jesus goldenrobe

Jesus was a mystic whose Calling was to share a profound message with the whole world. The message was one of Divine Love and spiritual identity as the Son of God. Although the teachings and message he shared 2,000 years ago is familiar to most on a spiritual journey nowadays, practically applying his teachings is still considered radical to most in the world.

At the time of his public ministry, Jesus introduced the idea of loyalty to those with a spiritual calling, rather than family loyalty: “Who is my father, mother sister, brother? He who does the will of my Father in heaven is my father, mother, sister, brother”. He spoke of divine providence and the abundance of God, and he taught to invest in the Spirit rather than things of the world, promising that by doing so, we would be completely taken care of by our heavenly Father, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added”.

Jesus shared beautiful metaphysical truths about time, and our identity being spiritual in nature, “Before Abraham was, I am”,  and he has continued to be a brother and friend to millions who continue to open their hearts and minds to receiving his love and guidance on a daily basis.

Although many of his teachings were distorted by the fearful who were afraid of his message, he channeled A Course In Miracles through a research psychologist in 1977 which has proven to be a powerful and direct pathway for training the mind to identify with the Spirit and relinquish the ego.

I am deeply grateful for his presence, love and practical guidance… this surely is a love without end. He said he would send ‘the comforter’ and he did. The Holy Spirit – the one Spirit that is our Higher Self, connects us directly with the Love of God. Jesus said to be of good cheer, for he overcame the world – and when in a mystical experience, or full awareness of Truth – you know exactly what he meant!

The Fourth section of the Urantia book has a full account of Jesus’ life. Beginning with early life, realizing his Calling, accepting and fulfilling his public ministry, working with his students (the apostles), right through to his demonstration of eternal life and resurrection. Click here 

David Hoffmeister put together a book of quotes from the bible, alongside quotes from A Course in Miracles in the 1990’s.  ‘The Mystical Teachings of Jesus’ can be ordered on Amazon here


Here are a few of my favorite songs, inspired by love for Jesus

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