What Happened after She Married a Mystic?

Friends from around the world wanted to come and live with us, and community organically arose as they bought and rented houses near the Peace House in Cincinnati. In 2009 I co-founded the Living Church Ministries church with David, which later became the Living Miracles spiritual community. For the next several years I followed invitations to abide temporarily in Ireland, Canada and Australia, with brief visits to the U.S. 
I co-founded Living Miracles Australia, a spiritual community and non-profit organization, during 2009-2012.

Since this time I have been delighted at how many diverse and creative ways the Spirit has used me and poured through me. I have enjoyed the role of overseeing spiritual community centers and holding countless gatherings and retreats around the world, knowing that it was all a powerful opportunity for the healing of my own mind. I was given countless opportunities to teach what i was learning; to let go of the personal self and deepen in connection and trust in the Spirit above all else.

Over four years I co-developed an online Mystical Mind Training program, with my partner at the time, which is also a comprehensive Ministerial Program. This project could only be accomplished through prayer, trust, and collaboration as we had to rely completely on the Spirit to show us the way.  The resulting programs are amazing. The community continued to grow and devoted members were inspired to contribute properties and resources to house everyone and support the extension of the message in new ways. 


In 2013 I picked up a guitar, began singing and writing songs, and within a year sang at a festival, had an album and went on tour! I truly had no desire to learn how to play or sing. My songs were my prayers as I was going through the letting go of a relationship at that time, and playing the guitar was a deeply present and fulfilling experience of listening and following what I felt from within. 

During the past few years I found myself falling into ever deeper states of meditation (Samadhi), and mystical states that lasted for weeks and months at a time. The lesson was one of being totally taken care of – and seeing how utterly safe I Am when unable to take thought for ‘what ye shall eat, or what ye shall wear’. I didn’t know what food was at times, let alone what or when to eat! Original



Between falling into deep mystical experiences, and continuing to travel and teach (surprisingly, these go together well!), I authored the transformational book I Married a Mystic and a Wake-Up App! I have written (received from Spirit) many enlightening movie reviews, inspired songs and meditations, and have been blessed to have been involved in countless other wonderful collaborations. 

Although I continue to travel and teach extensively, I am based in the U.S, and live with a group of devoted companions who are used in very different ways, but share the same deep Calling. We have been given the terms mystics, Messengers of Peace, ministers, teachers of God, miracle-workers, angels, and mighty companions. In essence, it is all the same. Together we keep our hearts and minds wide open to the Spirit’s plan of awakening. In vibrant service to God we are happy! 

Enjoy discovering the vibrant, worldwide Living Miracles community, including our ACIM Monastery in Utah, USA, and our centers in Mexico, Europe, and Australia.