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Tabula Rasa Mystery School
1-30 September, 2018

The Tabula Rasa Mystery School is a school like no other, here to help you remember your authentic and changeless reality—your union with Love itself! We will give you tools to bring home with you in a step-by-step, 30-day immersion to inspire your path to Self-realization. This school for spiritual awakening will draw from the wisdom of ancient and modern teachings, non-dual texts like A Course in Miracles, quantum physics and other scientific findings, and teachings of the mystics, sages, and saints, to help you discover your authentic Self. The Tabula Rasa Mystery School is here solely to invigorate your heart’s desire to know thyself.

The group of teachers changes each year. Teachers include: David Hoffmeister, Lisa Fair, Frances Xu, Jason Warwick, Jenny Donner, Michael Caruana, and myself, as well as guest teacher Bob Rosenthal.

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Awakening from the Dream Online Retreat
Into the Mystic
7-9 September

The life of Mysticism is as spontaneous and playful as it is serene and tranquil. Alive and energized by the living moment, the need for rituals and rules and structure falls away from the mind. Mysticism learns mastery through love and compassion and kindness, and every day is like a painting full of opportunities to extend the Love of God.

Join David Hoffmeister, Jason Warwick, Michael Caruana and myself
for a full weekend as we dive into this life-changing theme.

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14th October – 1 Day Gathering near Hokkaido
7 Day Retreat near Tokyo, over two weekends
19th-22nd October and 26th-28th 
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This miraculously unfolding adventure is being Guided by Jesus every step of the way. While these events were prayerfully being planned, my beloved friend and film-maker Raphael was Called into prayer, hearing the Guidance to make a documentary of Jesus in Japan… “Capturing Devotion”. Watching His Plan unfold is a wonder.


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