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Kirsten’s gatherings are an opportunity to directly experience the Peace of God within, and explore how to live a spiritual life with every moment being honored as the pathway. She invokes awareness of how to listen and follow Inner Guidance more consistently,  and shares clarity on the two thought systems in the mind so that we can realized the power of our thoughts and choose to direct our attention from the ego to truth. 

Kirsten’s gentle presence allows for an exploration of the most relevant topics on the heart as an inroads to self-inquiry and deepening relationship with the Spirit, our Inner Guide. 

Her shorter gatherings are interactive, and are primarily in the form of spiritual discourse (satsang) where questions are welcome. She gives a clear metaphysical framework to clarify the difference between Truth and illusions. Longer gatherings and retreats involve an experiential / workshop component including deepening in direct communication and relationship with the “Still small Voice within”, the Voice for God – through Inner listening, journal writing (inner dialogue involving channeled writing), heart-opening music, meditations, silence, and/or metaphysical films.

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1 Week Retreat
7th – 13th October, 2019

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We are coming together in the Holy purpose of remembering Who we truly are. We warmly invite you to a devotional time to turn inwards, with no distractions from the outside world. Join David Hoffmeister, Frances Xu, Kirsten Buxton, and other devoted ACIM teachers for a weeklong retreat in Holland and allow yourself to immerse deeply in the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

“To Know Thyself”, that’s really what all of this is about.”
— David Hoffmeister 

Through deep teaching sessions, experiential sessions, and voice liberation sessions we are inviting you into a heart-opening experience. We will be coming together in a centuries-old castle called “De Berckt”, located in the south of Holland, alongside the river Meuse. This magnificent, tranquil setting feels like the perfect location to come together in the deep purpose of Awakening.

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