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2018 A Course In Miracles Music and Enlightenment Festival
Strawberry Fields Forever

2-7 August, 2018

Join us for a Course In Miracles Retreat unlike any in the world. Deep talks with David Hoffmeister, Presence-filled gatherings with Kirsten Buxton, and beautiful music that gently cracks your heart open… and takes you into heavenly realms.
Enlightenment sessions every day, metaphysical movie nights under the stars, and a Dance of ACIM Concerts, singing, dancing and holy encounters… all held within the deep Purpose of Awakening that we are honored to invite you into. 

 Presence ~ Purpose ~ Gratitude ~ Celebration

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“Heart Song” Voice Liberation Workshop
August 8-11, 2018

This workshop is led by Emily Warwick and Neda Boin, who are both experienced facilitators with healing through sound and singing. I will be present, as will David Hoffmeister, Jason Warwick and Ricki Comeaux in support of the event with movie gatherings, song-writing etc.  This is an intimate workshop, limited to 30 participants.
Come just for this workshop, or for the festival and then stay on for Heart Song.

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Tabula Rasa Mystery School
1-30 September, 2018

The Tabula Rasa Mystery School is a school like no other, here to help you remember your authentic and changeless reality—your union with Love itself! We will give you tools to bring home with you in a step-by-step, 30-day immersion to inspire your path to Self-realization. This school for spiritual awakening will draw from the wisdom of ancient and modern teachings, non-dual texts like A Course in Miracles, quantum physics and other scientific findings, and teachings of the mystics, sages, and saints, to help you discover your authentic Self. The Tabula Rasa Mystery School is here solely to invigorate your heart’s desire to know thyself.

The group of teachers changes each year. Teachers may include: David Hoffmeister, Lisa Fair, Frances Xu, Jason Warwick, Jenny Donner, Michael Caruana, and myself.

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