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Durham, North Carolina
24th June
3pm – 5pm
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Asheville, North Carolina
2nd July
6:30pm – 8:30pm
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Dillsboro, North Carolina
5th July
2pm – 4pm
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Duchesne, Utah, U.S

Celebrating Inner Peace event at Living Miracles Monastery 

July 14th – 16th

A community event with many invited guests / teachers including David Hoffmeister, Gary Renard, Carol Howe, Jon Mundy, and honored guests from the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Click here for details about this unique ‘fun-raising’ event in honor of ‘our elders’. We had no idea we were planning a Celebrating Inner Peace event in honor of ‘our elders’ on Helen Schucman’s birthday! 14th July!



Evening and Day events England, Holland, Germany, (and other spontaneous invitations!)
July, August – TBA

Heart-Opening ACIM Summer Retreat 
August 19th – 25th, 2017 
Join Kirsten Buxton, and beloved guest musicians Neda Boin and Ricki Comeaux for a week-long retreat.
Immerse yourself in the presence of eternal truth and peace, surrounded by the rolling hills of France, where the silence is tangible. The retreat includes teaching sessions to support healing the mind and opening the heart, guided inner inquiry process, experientials, movie watching for healing, guided meditations, live music, and ‘Voice Liberation’ sessions with Neda. A truly amazing gift. 
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