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5.0 out of 5 stars
Melt into Beautiful Thoughts, Sharings and ‘Holy Conversations’ in a Mystic’s Journal
By Patrick Darling, Author|Speaker|Coach

I’ll first just say, WOW! What a wonderfully insightful and deeply spiritual adventure author Kirsten Buxton takes us on in her book, I Married a Mystic. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, cover to cover. What a rare treat! This is more than a book really – it’s a gift – a gift of love from one of us to all of us. Whether readers have experienced the awareness of a full spiritual awakening or not – they will have an opportunity here to walk through, first-hand, the deepest of insights as if they had. Readers are given a priceless “inside” view, into something like a play-by-play narrative of a period in the author’s journey the led to complete, uncompromising love and total forgiveness… Freedom; into an experience that may very well lead readers the ‘rest of the way’ themselves if that is their heart’s desire.

I highly recommend this book as essential reading for anyone committed to a spiritual path, as well as all student of A Course in Miracles.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A gift from God
By Cheekaabaaon

I was divinely guided to order this amazing book by Kirsten. I loved every page! This work helped me recognize my own private thoughts so I could give them to Spirit. The honesty conveyed here called me into alignment to be real and not hide anything anymore. I had and continue to have a truly transformative and beautiful experience from Kirsten’s intimate sharing of love. I am so grateful and thank God, Kirsten, David and the All for this gift! I would recommend this book to anyone that is sincerely dedicated to experiencing true peace and happiness.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A beautiful offering of love and devotion – a deep, rich transmission not to be missed!!!
By Elisabeth Foulke 

I am so grateful that a deep prayer led me to David Hoffmeister, and thereby Kirsten Buxton and the Living Miracles community.

This book is a beautiful offering of love and devotion, full of sign posts and practical guidance, from a heart and mind that is now clearly transformed and solely focused on serving God and awakening. Whether you consider yourself following a spiritual path or not, or a specific path called ACIM or something else, I highly recommend this book. I have gone down a lot of paths and explored many different teachings and feel that the universality of the message shines through brightly and clearly.

The many layers of the awakening journey are exposed, explored and offered for all to benefit from; being called, dismantling, resistance, healing, forgiveness, surrender, developing trust, following inner guidance, the need for support, being done through, singleness of purpose, dedication to Truth, etc.. All this and more is offered up in a way that was for me gentle and humorous and enjoyable, yet its transmission deep and rich, well beyond the story and words.

To connect with Kirsten via Youtube, Living Miracles Virtual or at a gathering, is to experience the greater message of this book, which is that she was led through the eye of the needle and has become a clear channel through which Spirit can radiate its light to support the greater awakening. Presence and Grace that flows through her is the greatest testament for what has been offered in this book… I may not be there yet in my own mind, but I know it when I see it and feel it. I am heartened by the demonstration and am deeply touched, inspired and grateful to have been led to this greater connection through Kirsten.

I am glad to have followed the lead to enjoy this through Amazon, solely in that I am able to pass on my thanks and post a review here that may inspire someone else who Spirit wants to connect with in this way. Thank You Spirit!

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great book for saving time on the journey home.
By Teska 

This book is such a blessing to me! I love hearing how people make the transition from suffering to inner peace. Kirsten takes all the guesswork out of joining with Spirit. Thank you thank you thank you!

5.0 out of 5 stars
High vibrational deeply healing book that will bring you peace and truly transform you as you read
By Vivianne

I absolutely devoured this book. It is written from the heart, with tremendous honesty, and humility. Generally, when I read an autobiography, I read it as a novel. This book however had a transformative power. I felt something shift in me as I was reading. I realized the book had been written from a very high vibrational level. Actually, only a book written from such a high vibrational level could transform its reader. At times, I was being transformed so rapidly that I had to suddenly/brutally close the book and not touch it for some days. As if I was overdosing or something. I would get nauseated. It was too much for me. As I type this, I realize that this is what Kirsten herself experienced at times with David. As if the book had become too “holy” for me. Or like having eaten too much chocolate. And then after a while, I would long for the book again. This is a life changing book for me. I believe that anyone who reads this book with an open heart, anyone who truly wants to see the face of God, their prayers will be answered. I saw myself (since I purchased the book), seriously change and change, and really desire forgiveness above anything in my life. This is a real miracle. I was deeply moved by the story of Lisa whose sister had been murdered and when the murderer was going to be released from (solitary confinement in) death row and Lisa was contacted, she and her other living sister told the journalist who was inquiring, that they were fine with it, did not believe in holding grievances and wanted the murderer to know that he should not feel guilty. My jaw dropped. Anyone reading this book will find peace. No matter how troubled one may be. Trust me.


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