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Hi Everyone!
I’m so inspired to go traveling in the mid western and east coast states this June and July with Ricki. It feels spontaneous and brand new! We have invitations from beloved friends at the beginning and end of our time frame, and in between is wide open to being shown, day by day, what the direction is.

I’m here now as we are finishing up at the Tabula Rasa Mystery School in Utah. Every day is a reflection of a pristine mind… we begin with an empty slate and allow the day to be given through prayer – open to all possibilities. It is a way of life, a state of being, and I am so inspired to extend this experience on the road! To enjoy the ‘not knowing’ and have spaciousness for spontaneous invitations and heart-felt directions to be revealed.

Having an empty, still mind is a beautiful Gift – the inevitable result of mind-training and devotion to hearing only one Voice. The voice that comes from love and peace is the Voice that guides us to be still, to Know ThySelf in every moment, regardless of whether the body is moving or still, talking or silent. To abide in this state of mind is all that we ever wanted.

Ricki and I are happy to be still and go nowhere, and are happy to go everywhere! If you feel a spark in your heart to have us come, and hold a gathering, or host us along the way, let us know! We would love to hear from you.
We will be with David and Svava at the Peace House for a few days in Cincinnati, and we will all go to David’s gathering at the Unity of East Louisville on Sunday 11th June. Click here for event details. 

Then we will leave Cincinnati on June 13th and drive north east (through Ohio, possibly PA and NY) towards Rehoboth, MA for a weekend event June 17th – 18th. Click here for event details.

After that it is wide open – in this moment it feels like we will drive down to North Carolina early July, before we fly back to Utah for the Celebrating Inner Peace Fun-raising weekend July 14th-16th.

Spontaneous events might not make it online, but when possible, they will be on my website here

With love and joy,

Kirsten and Ricki
Email or phone 435 630 1622

Or phone 717 617 9299

Peace is Joy at rest

Joy is Peace at play!