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“Answers from Kirsten Buxton” Video Series
Questions and answers from Kirsten’s I Married a Mystic series on LM Virtual

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“Presence and Clarity” Series
Kirsten shares and answers questions in this series on “A Course in Miracles” mind training. 

Topics include hearing and following guidance, discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit vs ego motivation, “Who is God?”, true empathy, release from guilt and sickness, and the essential practice of inner inquiry. 


“I Married A Mystic” Four-part Series playlist – Full Episodes
For more details about each video in the series, visit My Book page


Francais / English talks. Europe 2017

Une Rencontre avec Kirsten Buxton – English/French 
A Gathering with Kirsten

Streamed live on 3 Mar 2017 at Etre Presence in Paris:
Kirsten Buxton est une mystique, enseignante de la spiritualité et un auteur qui voyage à travers le monde, proposant des rassemblements pratiques emplis de « Présence ».

I Married a Mystic Fall Tour 2016: Inspired Talks About Living in Purpose

For Kirsten’s latest talks from the I Married a Mystic fall tour, view the 14 talks in the playlist with Fall Tour in the title, as well as the two talks below. To read the write-up for each talk, go directly to her ‘Spreaker Online Podcast Show’ here.


Topanga Canyon gathering in California with David, Part 1 (Sept 18, 2016):  Kirsten Buxton and David Hoffmeister shine and share from the heart in part 1 of this all day gathering in California. Alexander and Suzanne offer LIVE music at the beginning and middle of the session. This is the 2nd stop on Kirsten’s I Married a Mystic tour through California, with the tour continuing on the East Coast of the United States in October and November.

Topanga Canyon gathering in California with David, Part 2 (Sept 18, 2016): Kirsten Buxton and David Hoffmeister share many parables and examples of unwinding the mind, undoing the self-concept, and igniting the awareness of Divine Love. The Spirit’s use of relationship is highlighted in miracle after miracle. Questions from the heart spring into forgiving the belief in linear time-space and freeing the mind to Awaken to Love. Kirsten’s new book: I Married A Mystic is referenced, including the title of each of the 27 chapters.


Igniting Miracles in Relationship – webinar hosted by Craig Villarubia with Miracles Academy 

Interview About My Path – In this interview  I share about following Guidance, how my relationship and trust of the Holy Spirit developed and how relationships with family went through changes. I also speak about mind training, mystical experiences, meditation and Divine Providence.


Talks & Satsang from a 6 Week Devotional Retreat in Mallorca

Satsang – Freedom and Independence – Who we are is the Kingdom of Heaven. Dare to stay. Whether the guidance is to stay or go (in form), when every step is taken consciously, with the Spirit, there is no sense of avoidance or escapism.

To forgive is to release. To forgive is to take total responsibility for ones own thoughts, feelings and decisions. It is the end of being a victim / a person at the mercy of the world, and the pathway to consistent awareness of peace, and Knowing oneself as the dreamer of the dream.

To be utterly dependent on God is to be free.

Enjoy this beautiful song, played at the beginning of the gathering – Sanctuary by Donna De Lory

Adjustment Bureau – Love Leads the Way! – We are all part of a greater plan. We are being called back to God through relationship. Take your brother’s hand and walk together. You are the same Self, you are One Mind.
The ego wrote the script. Trying to change it to fill the void will never work. ‘I need do nothing’ is a state of mind of complete acceptance. Put the hat on! Go straight to the Source! Align with Spirit and realize there is no void.
All seeming obstacles in this world reflect blocks in the mind; the world acts out our doubt thoughts. There is only one – I am not the Christ. Jesus waits for us to accept the Truth and let Love lead us Home.
Movie Talk with David and Kirsten at the Mallorca Devotional 2015.

Letting it Up! Exposing the Compromise – Kirsten and Frances hold a lively group session at the Devotional Retreat in Mallorca.

Underneath the defense of people-pleasing and pretending to be a good person is fear, anger and self-hatred.
This session is filled with intense and direct expressions of frustration and anger, as well as laughter – as participants release feelings of compromise and move through healing experiences into the light beyond the darkness.

Miracles are Involuntary  –  Kirsten and Frances give a practical talk on the immediacy of salvation, and trusting in the orchestration of the Spirit for healing. Rather than waiting for a future counseling session with a specific person, the prayer of the heart can be answered immediately when the mind is open to following the Spirits prompts.
Mallorca Devotional Retreat 2015



Europe Tour 2014

David, Frances, Jason and I had a wonderful 3 months of traveling together, holding gatherings and retreats in 12 countries

God’s Voice – Recognize the Presence. Remember to pray, to be with Spirit. “God’s voice speaks to me all though the day.” Listen to your thoughts: doubt is the ego’s voice, pushing, trying to a good person. Instead turn to the quiet, loving Presence within. In English with Hungarian translation.


‪How to Free Your Mind of Fear – When we say “Yes, I want to wake up” we are saying I want everything that is not the truth to come up and be healed from my mind. So we welcome the fear to come up to awareness. It is like taking the lid off a pot to take the pressure off. The fear has been avoided by all our activity. But now in the context of awakening there is an awareness that everything that is arising in consciousness is coming up for healing. So the less we draw conclusions about it and think we understand why, the better. Awakening is more about allowance and prayer, remembering the purpose; it is all forgiveness. With keeping the mind open, not trying to avoid or push away; we are not trying to take control and stop anything from happening. And in the allowance and prayer we are keeping the mind open to support from the Spirit. With this practice the mind will stabilize and feel still and be able to look upon whatever is arising. The stillness comes from knowing what the purpose is.

Filmed in Budapest, Hungary, November 14, 2014. In English with Hungarian translation.


How to Realize Fear Is Impossible – “If you knew Who walks beside you along the way, fear would be impossible.” Awakening is about us remembering that Spirit is with us every step of the way. The form of that can come in the form of our mighty companions, it can come through everything really. It just comes down to our desire for Spirit. The more determined we are to be in touch with Spirit, this pulls Spirit’s presence into our awareness. There’s a lesson in A Course in Miracles which states, “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.” Most of the time we are too distracted to realize this. We think we can figure this awakening out ourselves. But when we realize Spirit is here to help us, we give our plan over so that we can listen and communicate with the Spirit. We look for the contractions, which is ego’s voice speaking to us. It always pushes us based on protection of the hold it has on our mind. We have to be willing not to listen to this voice and turn in to a still place in our minds. Here we fill our lives with as many opportunities as possible to be with Spirit.

English with Hungarian Translation


Something Missing – A Course in Miracles teacher and Messenger of Peace Kirsten Buxton talks about her personal experience with spiritual awakening: The prayer of my heart was to go home. I did not know what that meant. I was not on a conscious spiritual journey seeking awakening or enlightenment. Even though I had a great family and good friends I could not get all the pieces together to feel completion. My journey involved a lot of physical healing after so much of running away from the Spirit. I gave myself permission to rest. This is the way of the Spirit. God’s will for us is perfect happiness, and the Spirit is the Voice for God. The Spirit’s voice is the one that is going to be guiding us in a loving way to honor our heart and take the steps that are in the direction of true freedom. The ego does not perceive this as loving, because the ego is being undone.

English with Hungarian translation.


How Do We Benefit from Sharing? – One of the sections of A Course in Miracles asks, “Should healing be repeated?” It then answers, “Certainly not”. Because once a gift is given, it then becomes a question of receiving. What would be the purpose of giving again? If the mind believes the message is for someone else, then the gift can’t be truly received. Ultimately, we realize that all gifts are for ourselves. Just as in the life of Joan of Arc; she received all these messages, thinking they were for everyone but herself. Towards the end of her life she realized that all the gifts and messages she received were for her. When we come into a full acceptance of receiving the one true gift from Spirit, we realize everything has been a love letter from Spirit for us. This is why everything that is worth keeping is to be shared. Only something that is real can be shared. The receiving of this sharing is instantaneous. Once we realize this truth, we only want to remain in this uplifted state of mind. And, when we only want to be in this state of mind, all that isn’t that gets flushed up into awareness to be released. This allows for expansion into what cannot be threatened, and that allows for the awareness of the Peace of God.

Filmed in Hungry on November 16, 2014. English with Hungarian Translation


Prayer is Continuous – Our prayer is our desire. Therefore, we are always praying for something. Prayer is continuous. Yet, the mind that has forgotten true identity with God has forgotten prayer and desire. So, prayer and desire have been exchanged for things of this world. Most of our life becomes about achieving our misplaced desire: having money, a good wardrobe, even a perfect haircut or changing the environment. We have to get very clear about learning about the true prayer and desire of the heart. Jesus calls this a purification process. On the altar lies the purest prayer of the heart. When this prayer is purely for God, then the experience of God is welcomed. But, as long as there is something else on the altar, then there is a block to that experience. It is very simple. If we are not experiencing the peace of God, then we desire something else. The whole awakening process is about letting go of the identification that thinks it wants something else.

Filmed in Hungary on Nov. 15th, 2014.


I’m Never Upset for the Reason I Think – Lesson 5 in A Course in Miracles that states, “I am never upset for the reason I think.” An upset might result from the perception of someone being treated unfairly or of me being treated unfairly and it sparks an emotion inside me. What are we to do with this? Lesson 12 that states, “I am upset because I see a meaningless world.” Really this all boils down to being in competition with God. When the mind believes it is in competition with God it wants to push this fact out of awareness. So the competition is projected out onto the “outside” world where there seems to be such a thing as abuse. Then we try to solve this problem of abuse in the world where there can be no answer. What we think the world is comes back to our desire to control. If the ego constantly has to have it be a certain way, the answer out of this thought process is to give ourselves over to the Holy Spirit to be done through. This is the only way out of the self-abuse, the only way out of the belief that I could separate from God. While this belief that the separation could happen is still in the mind, the projection will still be out on the world.

Filmed in Hungary on Nov. 15th, 2014. English with Hungarian Translation


Recognizing the Sameness – A Course in Miracles teacher and Messenger of Peace, Kirsten Buxton talks about being a miracle worker. We are all miracle workers and we all have the same function. We all share the same purpose and the One Divine Love wants to shine through each and every one of us. In A Course in Miracles Jesus describes how the teachers of God can appear very differently. They come from different backgrounds and different experiences. One of the biggest tricks of the ego is to compare and judge against the appearances. The ego is the voice with doubt in the mind, so it is always saying, “I can never be that good” if another is judged as good because it is always comparing. But the Holy Spirit´s perspective recognizes the sameness of the Truth. That is why Jesus says that enlightenment is recognition; it is not a change. You do not try to make yourself change to get enlightened. It is just a process of forgiving a belief in differences. Forgiving and releasing that voice that keeps pointing out the differences and strengthening the awareness of the Spirit. The Spirit is like the wind beneath our wings that just wants to lift us up and have us join with It. So much of the spiritual journey is to learn to recognize the ego for what it is and choose another way.

Filmed in Budapest, Hungary, November 14, 2014. This talk is in English with Hungarian translation


To Be on Purpose – The purpose of awakening, of the community, is mysticism, which is to identify with this Presence, this Divine Grace. We let go of our thoughts of how we might be happier doing something else, somewhere else, and relax into the peace of this moment.
Living Miracles Europe Tour, Filmed November 9, 2014 in Utrecht, Holland


Responsibility and Forgiveness –  The real responsibility we have is peace of mind. When the attention is focused on spiritual awakening and the Kingdom of God instead of on survival, the ego’s rules of responsibility in the world no longer apply. Forgiveness takes us beyond all beliefs of the world.  – With David, Frances, & Jason

Her’ Movie Gathering – A deep 4 hour movie gathering. Facing the fear of opening up to the intimacy of mind beyond the need for physical connection. Even without the body the same thoughts and fears are experienced. This movie shows where awakening is going. With the desire to keep opening up and expanding the mind beyond the personal self, awakening is inevitable. With David

Healing is Practical – Healing is not separate from life. When we say yes to healing and give our full selves to that, Spirit will work with us to guide everything in our lives for the purpose of purification. Relationships, logistics and practical tasks are all used as vehicles to channel the mind into alignment with Spirit. With David, Frances and Jason

Dissolving Judgement – Positives and negatives, criticisms and compliments are all the same. Everything is judgement and you are none of it. God did not create judgement and therefore it cannot be true. Of yourself you cannot dissolve the judgement but you can notice it and let Spirit be the bridge to allow judgement through you and not by you. Spirit’s use of judgement is Guidance. With David, Frances and Jason

Not Guilty – We mistakenly project guilt onto “wrong” behaviors. It is misperception. The guilt is attributed to the misperception. But the only guilt in the mind is the choice for the perspective of wrongmindedness, for littleness. We can learn to see everything with the Holy Spirit through the miracle and it won’t matter what the form was. Everything has always been working together for the good; we just didn’t know it. We can’t solve the problem at the level of the problem. It is the identification with the small self that needs to be forgiven. So we work with those thoughts, and we shift our perspective to the dreamer of the dream.

Mind is Causative – On the spiritual journey, the self-concept, the individual personality, is being undone; and it resists. This mental resistance may show up in form, as a computer not working for example. Rather than automatically listening to the voice of past knowledge for a form solution, we pause and inquire into our present state of mind, our clarity, and we pray. With the shift to right-mindedness, the internal block clears and the problem in form may miraculously shift. We are willing to let go of our investment in certain outcomes.

Love Encounter in Greece 🙂 This little kitten came up to me on the side of the road with so much love to give! He was snuggling and giving love bites within seconds of meeting! Another witness to not holding back the love!!

Mexico & La Casa De Milagros

David Michael K Mexico David Nikita Sue K Mexico

Peace – La Paz Part 1 – When we relax into true humility, into the “I don’t know mind” then we can align ourselves with God’s Will for us. In the strength of God we find peace in this very moment.

Peace – La Paz Part 2 – The discussion continues with Kirsten Buxton and Michael Caruana as they delve into what Truth really is. Consistently accepting second place to gain the first is accepting our true Identity. Heaven (Truth) is unaffected by the belief in separation. We have to bring misperceptions to the truth to be free of the identity that is in the world. Kirsten addresses questions about Jesus’ journey and identity.

Final Session: La Casa Retreat  – Final evening session. To learn trust you must Trust. Lots of examples are offered. With David, Nikita, & Michael

 Satsang /Gatherings at the Monastery & Metaphysical Center

Bathed in God’s Love In the Chapel – Love is Here. Love cannot come to an end. While Help is needed, there is a Plan of awakening, given by One Who knows what our heart is truly calling for.
“..the message was deeply received and embraced, and enveloped me in a warm blanket of contentedness in God’s perfect Love”

Acceptance of Self – Kirsten and Jutta speak on the falling away of ‘progression’ on a spiritual journey, and the acceptance of the atonement. Forgiveness relieves the mind of the belief it knows anything. The world was used to support the development of trust and awareness of Spirit, and now the training wheels are off 🙂
Total dependence on inner listening, and on God, is where attention is now. It feels like Christmas!


A Deeply Profound Journey – Kirsten Buxton shares her heart with Colin about her spiritual awakening. Her devotion, gratitude and depth of calling, pour through as she addresses topics such as healing in relationships, trust and the importance of mighty companions on this journey. The love and joy in this joining is reflected in the explosive fireworks that are heard frequently in the background throughout this recording. 🙂

Ignite the Spark in your Heart Tour August 2014Heart on fire

Invitations and Gifts – The invitation to share from the Heart comes from God. When we say yes we are saying yes to receiving the Gift for ourselves, and then we have the joy of giving it away!
A deep and joyful gathering about reality, letting go of being the hero of the dream (the savior of victims), and accepting our true nature.
– Kirsten and Ricki

True Prayer of the Heart – The true prayer of the heart is to be aware of our spiritual reality and to be in the direct experience of present connection with God. “Come with wholly empty hands” is guidance  to let go of what you think you need, so that you can receive the Spirit’s Plan. Stay! Allow what is arising for healing, see the desire to leave, to avoid, to blame something in form as a defense against forgiveness.
– Kirsten and Ricki at the Church of Truth
quantum love faces only

What is Real – Questions about death, prayer, the script is written, guilt and ‘what is meaningful’ weave together along with a description of the movie Lucy, which is The Answer (awakening to Truth from identification as a person).  


Quantum Love Tour  – April & May 2014


Pray, Listen, Follow – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you” is actually true. But this is not experienced by the mind that believes it has to handle certain aspects of its life alone (its finances, job, “mundane” chores, etc..). What the heart longs for is the experience of deep connection with Spirit.


Eureka! – Come into the unknown to Know God. Truth is consistent. Love is consistent. We have found our purpose!
Ricki and Kirsten talk about leaps, demystifying the mystery, and how they came to handing their lives over to God.
Alisa Amor’s angelic voice and powerful songs touch everyone at this gathering in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Align with God to Receive Everything – God’s will for us is Love; perfect happiness, and the way to know this and experience living in His Grace is to align with His Will and allow ourselves to be Guided in every aspect of life. To only allow Spirit into some areas of life is to put limits on Love.
The undoing of the self concept and the belief in an external world happens through allowing Spirit to be our reference point, rather than the world.
Being present with whatever is arising in consciousness leads to deeper awareness of Self.
David, Kirsten, Ricki and Helena, North Carolina

Mostly Music and a Touch of True Love – Kirsten, Ricki and Helena share Spirit-Inspired music and awakening experiences in North Carolina… preceding an angel bath that had everyone glowing with God’s Love 🙂

Love Rocks! – Kirsten speaks on Love being True Identity, Home, and Reality – and how it cannot be changed by anything of this world.
The ego is terrified of love because in love, it is dissolved. To the ego, love is death, and the fear of death is projected onto life in this world, the future, and the unknown. To the Spirit, there is no death, and in this talk, the experience of Truth; of our eternal nature, is felt. The script is written and Who we are is beyond it all.
With joy and laughter, Ricki shares her undoing parables, and the Presence she finds herself Identifying with, and the music pours through, blessing everyone.NC joy David Ricki Helena Kirsten MS

Quantum Love Cleveland – The Quantum Love Tour  visits Unity at the Heights in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Hosted by Tony and Susan and Cindy we rejoice with participants from as far away as Erie, PA. Parables and songs of trust and surrender and living in the miracle.
The whole universe is here to support our awakening when we let it! Daring to allow the darkness to arise is clearing the way for the Light to shine. We are angels for each other and we are on the most joyful ride ever!
David, Kirsten, Nikita and Ricki

Unity on the River – The path is non-compromise. The truth is recognized as an experience, and the ‘journey’ is simply staying with the truth and being willing to lay aside the world for it in every moment. Divine providence is for all – it is allowing God to provide all things, including Life.
Kirsten, Ricki and David at Unity on the River, MA

I Am Spirit – Every attempt to create a new self concept served to show us who we are not.
Purpose is the one choice that brings us into the Flow of Life where everyone is on our side (including cops) and everything is taken care of. It’s everything we ever wanted! It’s a miracle!
Purpose lifts us out of linear time and space 🙂
Joy and Presence with Kirsten and Ricki in Brooklyn

What is the Happy Dream  This morning, Ricki and I were inspired to speak on the happy dream and what brings the mind to it. It has nothing to do with ‘creating a happy dream life’ – that would be the ego’s idea of a happy dream. A happy dream is a guilt-free, Spirit-inspired Life in God! Only the happiness from ‘doing God’s will’; knowing Thyself in the moment, is meaningful… and devotion to this awareness is our ‘path’. And then, with delight, we embrace what is ‘given’ by the Spirit – opportunities to let the love pour through, opportunities to share the good news, prompts to vacuum the living room, rides in Porches – it’s all the same when you are Happy!
Prayer and non-compromise is a continual devotion, to stay with the Spirit’s Plan and what serves the whole. Being in the ‘Yes’ sometimes means saying ‘No’ – from the beach house on the Jersey shore.

Sickness and Truth – Sickness is a decision. When the power of the mind is given over to belief in sickness, the identification with the body is immediate and convincing. Only by seeing the decision for weakness and the reason for this decision can an alternate decision be made.
Perception is a moment by moment awareness. To perceive sickness anywhere is to believe in it. The Christ cannot be sick and God’s Plan is to see the Christ and awaken from the dream of separation, regardless of the form.
Kirsten in Pennsylvania.

Gratitude and Eternal Life – Thank you! This gathering starts with deep Love and Gratitude for the Gift that You are.
The belief in death and the sorrow of loss lay heavy on the heart. A miracle is called for by a participant and everyone at the gathering received it.
We are innocent. Every step we take and every move we make to be with God is a miracle and only the ego can judge something as a failure.
Enjoy the laughter and joyful result of calling upon the Spirit for Truth!
Kirsten and Ricki in New Jersey

Be Still and Know – To know thyself is to forgive our self-concept. Every perception, thought, emotion and belief that tells us that there is something in the world to fix, change or save is coming from an identity confusion in the mind. Tracing inward and seeing the decision is where forgiveness happens. It is about bringing the illusions to the truth; to where they are dissolved.
Kirsten and Ricki in Pennsylvania

Its About Time (movie gathering set up) – Time is in the hands of the miracle worker. Forgiveness is bringing all thoughts and beliefs from ‘the past’ into the present, where they can be seen differently.
Tim is given the power to time-travel. Which means he can act out forgiveness (re-playing scenes where he wished he had done things differently). When you are experiencing yourself as a character in the dream there seem to be many missed opportunities to extend and receive love. But when you are completely present, and there is absolutely no chance of failure, you can relax into the moment, and allow yourself to be used in ways that serve the whole and open the mind to innocence and a greater Love.
Kirsten in Pennsylvania


Why Wait for Heaven’ retreat at Casa de Milagros, Mexico – Jan 2014

Undoing the Blocks to Love – A profound talk that takes the mind from specifics to accepting the atonement. Whether the perceived problem or question is about the belief in hierarchy, concern for the world, or how to love, the answer is always the same. Bring the problem back to the mind of the perceiver and look within to find the answer. (English/Spanish)

Involuntary: No control at All  – This morning session covered the themes of self hatred, co-dependency, and releasing concepts and roles and the control associated with them. The laughter erupts during and after a no control parable of David told by Frances. Life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is absolutely involuntary, rendering us happily with no control over the world or anything at all. Such Bliss! (English/Spanish)

From Earth Relationships to Light – Following upon the themes from the morning expression session: relationships, control, loosening from roles and expectations and demands. David describes earth relationships and the “gravity” of lack and control beneath them. The contrast of freeing, Spirit Guided relationships is like the feeling of taking flight with wings. True freedom comes in relationships free of the past and its expectations. (English/Spanish)

Everything is Involuntary (Jan 2014) Kirsten and Frances hold a community talk at Casa De Milagros. The prayer of experiencing the involuntary nature of everything is the way to see beyond errors, to accept that the script is written, and to embrace what is given in the moment.

Talks at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center

Unconditional Love is Reality – It is Impossible to be Alone (March 2014) – A talk on our True Identity; the Real Love that is behind all perceptions and thoughts. There is no external enemy. There is only love.  Sunday service with Kirsten and Leila.

Accepting the Atonement in Joy (Feb 2014)  A deep talk / Sunday service with Erik and Cody at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center.

Mystics on Fire! (Dec 2013) On fire for God, the Kamas community* call the Hawaii community, to share the passion and joy that is flowing. Deeply held patterns are being cleared from the mind, it is the end of isolation, the belief in deprivation, ‘management’ of the mind, the fear of intimacy and the fear of stepping up… With this much support, failure is impossible.
The core of our desire is God; Love; Intimacy. We talk about the belief in hierarchy and how it is being undone through accepting our Identity and taking the risk of communicating deeply and honestly about what is really going on in the mind. The first 10 minutes of this audio is high energy! You may want to turn the volume down to ease in gently to where we are at!
*Kamas community: Kirsten, Leila, Ricki, Nikita, Sarah, Tera, Cody, Lonnie, Erik and Jessica

Quantum Love Sunday Service (Dec 2013)  Open to Love with the One you are with. We are having a quantum experience, realizing there is One Spirit, One Love, one moment, in which Love / thy Self can be accepted.

Sunday Service with Leila Dawn, and musician friends Ricki, Laura and Erik (Nov 2013) – Oneness and collaboration are our natural state. Forgiving the perception and belief in external authorities and hierarchies and stepping in fully to play our part in the Plan brings us into Certainty of Self! We welcome a new minister to join us in Service to the Spirit, and enjoy some beautiful songs in this freeflow of a Service 🙂 Freedom! Holiness! Hooray!!!!!

Various Talks / Gatherings

Quantum Love and Sweet Daily Bread (Jan 2014) – Montana Gathering with Kirsten and Ricki – A laughter-filled gathering with Kirsten and Ricki in Great Falls, Montana. Each day the Spirit gives us our daily bread. It is our purpose, our sustenance, and all that we need to be in relationship with Him. By clearing our plate and keeping our mind focused and clear, every new day we are lifted by our freshly, Given inspiration! Questioning beliefs, daring to be vulnerable, and allowing self doubt and compromise to be washed away is how we come into the full appreciation of our beautiful Self!

Insights at the Dublin Airport (Aug 2013) –Who we are is beyond time, and can not therefore, be delayed in time. The experience of being in time is just not being in the freedom and joy of the present moment. Eternity is here, always… innocence is recognizing that you didn’t do anything wrong… you didn’t actually delay anything… you just deprived yourself of the awareness of the perfection of everything… but this disappears immediately when this awareness dawns!

Satsing Tour (Satsangs with Music)- September 2013

Service to God brings Awareness of Christ (Sept 2013)A Saturday morning Satsing from Duncan B.C. on Vancouver Island, Canada.
Kirsten, Erik Archbold, and Laura Schopen held a weekend retreat, where the theme was being in service to God. When giving of ourselves in service to God is our focus, our lives become the means. All that is needed from us is our willingness to face the darkness in our minds, so that it can be washed away by the Holy Spirit. As our minds heal, we naturally extend God’s love. Gently, our identification as a small, limited, personal self is dismantled, and we shift into knowing ourselves as Spirit. It is how we live an inspired life and how we learn to be Miracle Workers, staring right where we are.

Singular Purpose Undoes Linear Existence (Sept 2013) – A spontaneous metaphysical talk from the road: Realizing that there is one purpose for everything unifies the mind. Nothing has gone wrong, we are just becoming aware of thoughts. Beyond the fear of losing independence is a deep resting in God.

 Sunday Services from Living Miracles Australia – 2009-2012

Sunday Services – Enjoy these  Sunday services from Australia. They are filled with messages of love and faith.

Kirsten LMA Services Kirsten LMA audio services



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